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release place... somero in finland         release date...    wednesday, 21. of
february 1990                         ...astrogate...  new age has begun. the
escape for the dying human race is found after a half-a-year project from
byterapers. the single performances go as following...  code and design by jtp 
and  musk music and graphics are produced by jugi.  in process has python also
been as a supporting force, when grendel himself has been no support at all.
what is the most remarkable thing in all, is that astrogate - the demo is the
very 1st demo ever on amiga by jtp-musk. also you should note -jugi- is still in
byterapers.                   yeeh - that was -grendel- of (b)...     welcome to
my demo !!  i'm -jtp- and i created this little sweetie.  now it is thursday,
8th of february '90.  i planned to release this on 6th day, but these two
fuckers (grendel and python) did not get their scroll-texts ready until now. 
and the demo has been ready almost two weeks.    now i'll give u the facts about
this product... .. .      blitter-line coded by m.makela (thanks!!     i sure
know that this isn't our last product...)    all other coding by jtp    music
and graphics by jugi 'jbb' perfect...  (hey u - thanks for all - i'll send the
editor soooooon....  hope that our next proggy will be finished someday...   i
don't know (yet) how to reward you, but we'll see...)      i'm desperately
waiting for the 16th day, because of my 18th birthday!! only couple of days more
and...  fun!!!   also i'll get my driving licence (hopefully) in this month.    
did you know that i bought my amiga last summer??   couple of months i just
played and was impressed of the machine.  when the school began, it was august,
i decided after all learn something about the 68000, copper, blitter...   one
guy in our school had devpac 2.0 and i lent it and started to code...  you can
guess, copper-lists and system-scrolls...   i met python of (b) and he gave me
seka.  few weeks i continued with devpac but soon i realized that i'll have to
move into seka if i really want to make something.   so i threw the devpac to
the lake and moved to seka.   i got 3d-routines and first i transferred them to
basic...   it was funny, because even the 64-basic is faster than the
amiga-basic.  but anyway they worked.   i planned the assembly-listing and one
day i wrote it on seka.  it didn't work. i guess because it was my first bigger
program. after a week i had corrected the bugs (they were very small!!) and in
october i had my first cubes rotating on the screen.  after that the lazyness
stroke and i coded about one evening per week.  slow.. but still the demo
changed every week.   in january'90 i wrote my first blitter-routines
(area-filling and transfering) and this scroll is my first blitter-scroll. it
worked on the 1st time... it was a shock (i was ecpecting explosion!!)     . ..
... .... that's that.  i'm not sure if i make another demo, because i'm planning
to make a game.  it's not sure yet but perhaps it will be my next product.      
       now it's time for some messages!      1st to python of (b)...   hi, are
you still stucked on her??  hope you're not - spread this !!!you can send that
code, perhaps now i can fix it...        2nd to grendel of (b)...  hey, do you
remember that original-case??? please make that list soooon...   phone me when u
get this, ok????         3rd to jugi...  i guess i wrote something to u already
but i'll just say this... .. .  thanks !!!        4th to ruzzo of browbeat...  
how are you ???    sorry, i haven't have time to phone you but perhaps
someday...  it was fun in grendel-party, wasn't it???       5th to apollyon and
flex of contex...  hello you guys there in north!!  i always remember your joke
with my disks last spring!!!   it was quite a shock first...  in finland, you're
the number 1 on 64, keep it up!!!  by the way, you make really nice demos !!!   
   6th to hazor of beyond ass...   hello gay!!!   how are you??? hope you're
feeling sick!!  noooo, joking...  i'll visit you sometime (i am quite often in
forssa weekends, so i can visit you on the way!!)     and the last message goes
to byterapers sweden...   hello you there!!  any new demos coming???  stop those
fucking music-collections or i and python kill...     speedhead - your music in
sin twice was good when compared to your other songs (you mix them too much but
i know you can do good songs!!!)   csa - sin twice was quite good!!! have you
heard what i and python have planned???  ask us!!      greetings to all our
members everywhere !!!  i'll stop now (and continue later!!)                    
           ... yes!  yes!  date is 28.1 1990. time is 16.22 and place is lahti
in finland, and i am writing this scrolltext. joe satriani is playing in my
blaster.   i am jugi perfect.....       grafix in this demo were originally done
by jtp, i just polished 'em!   song that you are listening to, is at least 8
months old. i just hope that it doesn't sound too old. it seems that this is my
last official byterapers demo.   reason for my leaving is artistic freedom and i
thought that after 2 years in (b) i need some change.   of course i will do some
unofficial(?) stuff for my friends in (b)...   in fact i don't really care in
which group i am, as long as my musics and graphix are seen and heard in a demos
and other products.   i have nothing else to say so bye now all you beautiful
people out there, i love you all...........yours, jugi 'not so' perfect!......  
                                                           alushousut jalkaan,
the yellow slime is stinking here now. what stands for -grendel-  long time
we've last seen, as it must be months without activies on any machine. when my
64's drive refused to save many many months ago, i've only been enjoying lots of
beer and playing games. naturally i've been unemployed, only writing articles to
c-lehti,a finnish compumagazine. but shame on me, i'm now about to start working
for iisalmi-city, noooo you got it wrong - i'm not going to library again. i
will teach kids how to use computers, or something like it. not all the time,
but 2 times a week... imagine, little kids looking at amiga and asking how to
load a game. hah... Tapu tapu tapu it's now -dt- writing. i'm going to tell you
something about our famous fan club. it was founded about 5 years ago and
there's now about 5000 members around this cold  country called finlandia.
imagine many many guys and girls worshipping us. for example i nowadays get
about 50 fan letters every day and probably grendel gets lots of more. but now
you have great chance to join the byterapers fand club. normally it costs 129.95
dollars, but now just for you it'sonly 139.95. application forms should be send
to me (dt). use our specialoffer!!!!!!!!! ok, that's for it. let's go to boring
greetings part. i don't have our offical greetings list, so these are only
grendel's and dt's personal ones. Hubba bubbas to: accession - amiga industries
- attrium - avenger -bloodsuckers - brainstorm - browbeat - byterapers fan club
- chaos and megadeth - complex - deadline - the giants - exel u.k. - esa - ipec
elite - oz - the lawbreakers - lazer - mad - microwave - new order - rats -
setrox - the silents -spreadpoint - sun connection - tarkus team - the
undertakers - visual artists - wwe   and grendel's go to fairlight, animate,
x-beat, x-men, pure-byte, deathstar, warfalcons, securitate, scoopex, triad,
hagar and all i can't remember. sorry guys, i can't dig all of you from the
wastes of my head. yo gay-lussac.  we both go now, goodbye from -grendel- and
-dt-   have good trekkin' out there.                                            
        jepo!!!   here's now -python- of byterapers writing.  blaah just 5
minutes ago i was going to send this text to jtp, but i noticed that it was not
anymore on the disk. so now i have to write this again...  err, if there's any
cool coders or composers or graphicmakers who would like to join us, you can
contact me at:                                                   python of
sinipiianpolku     5                                                     60150  
      seinajoki                                                         finland 
                                     also some swapping too...               for
normal swapping you can contact neutral of byterapers at:                       
             sami peura                                                         
      vasamakuja        7                                                     
60100        seinajoki                                                   
finland                                              or tmb of byterapers:      
                                                                  tmb of
byterapers                                                          pl       
385                                                            65101     vaasa  
                              now some messages:                      first to
monster of browbeat:   ryyd!   sorry for forgotting to mention you at the
scrolltexts before this...            jtp  of byterapers:  one demo per month or
....   greez to kirsi !!!     pegaze of belgian brains:  cool stuff and letters.
ah ah send soon....     grendel of byterapers:  active or not active? that's the
question you should think...  anyway, keep up partying...  greez to seri !!!    
veda of genesis project:  nice demo(?)  it looks a bit better than at the
party...  yeah, see ya soon meinen freund     stinger of cave:  nice arse, greez
to yer boyfriend(mr. 1.5 inch)....      hoffi of bloodsuckers:  ()!?.,-@@ =
vitun anus, levyt takas ja akkia !!! (in english fucking ashole, disks back!!!!'
     ruzzo of browbeat:  same as hoffi !!! greez to tiikeri... of
byterapers:  send more often !!!     speed-head of byterapers:  try to make more
sensible songs and scrolltexts!!! after you stopped swapping, you started to
write quite lame songs. try to make some melodies to the songs too !!!     csa
of byterapers:  nice demo, hope to see a new one from you soon !!!           and
now before i stop, i'll write somekind of memberlist:    grendel(founder,
party-toy)     python(swap, code, lead)     jtp(code, graphix)     jugi
perfect(music, graphics)     sardon(swap)     neutral(swap)     dt(swap)    
tmb(swap)           and swedish byterapers:, lead)     csa(code)  
  speed-head(music)     polo(music, graphix)     hotshot(graphics)    
cydric(modem)     golem(swap, music)     that's all this time! now i have to
start doing my homeworks...          so long friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!        
python ...............................                                          
       it me, -jtp- again.  now it is 13th day of the february.  time is 10:27
and as you see, i'm not at school!!!   the postman brought me a package an hour
ago and finally i have python's scrolls.  i won't write much because i have
still few bugs under repairing.  so thanks to all of you who have helped me
during this demo and to my last words i send some greetings to following people
outta there...       python, jugi perfect, grendel, sardon, dt, csa, speed-head,, hotshot, polo, (and the rest guys there in sweden!!), max of network
xiii, contex (especially apollyon, flex and rockstar), ruzzo of browbeat....    
 are you looking for group-greetings ????    because i dont swap, i dont know
many groups.   but anyway greetings to dr.awesome of crusaders (i am a big fan
of your music !!!) and kaktus&mahoney (good music too!!!)                was it
all???   nooo- greetings also to marjo and cheri (python, check the typing!!!)  
    by the way jugi, do you have a girfriend ?????      if you wanna contact me,
write to following address... (no swapping!!!)          juha pomppu             
      helsingintie                    31400 somero                    finland   
                            now when it's all over, was it all worth it????   i
guess it was.   after all, this demo has only been coding-exercise for me.  it
may happen that i someday make another demo but who knows... .. .     bye from
jtp of byterapers inc.    - -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

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