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mc68000 demo without a single blitter command and no sprites used either.... 
dcode: by mr.spiv    music: lancer    fonts: lancer   gfx: flyer and fix       
ps: have fun with your joystick and mouse....                                   
       hi everybody...   here i'm again....     flyer...!!!     so...  i just
stop drawing that logo what is .animated...    so...    here we are in
iisalmi...   byterapers,.scoopex finland and extacy...    good partys, but some
ashole stole .flag...!!!   and that was 'great...'    if i get him on my hands i
hang.him high...    apuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuva...!!!    fix is sitting behind
.me and looking how mr. spiv (vips, vispila, spiffeliini, and so on...).codes
this demo...    (make that animation...)  and i wrote this.idiot text...    we
have here in partys own room with midnightsun,.great grrtings to those wonderful
friends...   they have only 2 amigas....we have six...   and almost all on
finland came to here...   .flyer (me), fix (fixauttelija), perfect (perverssi),
stinger (tinneri),.mr. spiv (lips), dr. feelgood (feelkotz), hot (lyyti), jupe
(pikku hukka),.duplicatos (duppis), eku (eku keku), lancer (lankku), headless
(hopeless).and eki (erkki esimerkki), our mascot...        so...   it's
now.11.8.1990 and clock is 21.21.21 and we must make this demo to ready.before
midnight...      so...    i think to send my personal greets....very special
greets to all members of midnightsun...   phantom... .sorry for delay...  you
know holidays... , pekka a...   thanks for .being friend..., 4-mat...   send
soon, cool music... , pete...  see ya.soon... (hope) , saara (my girlfriend)...
, my parents... , kikkelis .kokkelis miehelle... , swapperjack (of doom) nice to
see ya in here... ,.judge...   nice to see ya too... , and all who i have
forgoten...!!!.becoz i don't have my swap list in here i couldn't remember
everybody....and to all my contacts...  and message to all my contacts...:  if
it's.been long time when i have been send something, then sen disks to me.with
adress....!!!    becoz i don't remember those swappers who swap .with me...  
and somebody else who wanna start swapping with me....and adress is:   
flyer/jari , honkapirtintie 13 , 90630 oulu , finand.(greets to mace...)  and if
somebody don't know what my mission is in .cave, so i tell it...   i do gfx and
swap little...  (i kill stnger!!!).   tinneri on sit vaan hiljaa ja imppaa sita
tinneria...   .siina se nahaan kuka saa (tiedat mita) ja kuka ei...    en maa
nyt niin .huonossa kunnossa ollut...  hehehe...   erkki esimerkki came in and
sit.behind me...    look what i write...   and jupe (pikku hukka) came in
here.too...     feelkotz is looking something...   and perfect came
   maybe i stop now...   and do something else....(where is disk where i can
save this...)...   and i give this all to.spiv...   so, see ya all sometimes... 
    bye...   .and be cavemans...               . hi ai et on upee! here is
perfect of cave writing some stupid text. .i won 2nd price in kickoff 2 games
here at byterapers copyparty in iisalmi 11.8.90. .i send greetz to all my
contacts and friends. maybe some stupid friend can continue .this scroll text
writing...        thank you,perfect !!! here is eku of from the
byterapers & scoopex finland party. i must confess that this.has not been the
party in the world. at this moment there are not much worth.copying because
everybody is doing their own products. and here will not be.anything else new
except only demos and other pd-stuff... the reason to that the guys who
were supposed to import some stuff with modems were.not able to set up the
modem. (maybe no phonecords ???) well, there has been.some nice things during
this party. somebody stole a flag which the computerfirm who
supported the prices to the democompetition. as organizer grendel (b)
noticed this he told that if the flag would returned the party would be
over in couple of hours. he suggested the.partiers to collect some money so he
could pay the flag. we succeeded in .collecting the money and so the party
continued. (headless won kick-off.competition!!! aargh!) maybe i will continue
later. see you !!!.hip hop ja tinneri!! here's duplicator (dupi,dir) writing
again!!.it's hard to say but i lose my first game in kick-off match  (oh
fuck!!).and i had to be only a somekind of judge who checks all
friend he he headless was absolutely best, but listen after .the competition i
won him 3-1 !!!!! now some words about party!!.afterall this has been quite nice
party !!! many demos has been released .and lots of other stuff!! help me!!!!
gays!! they are gonna take me.away!! i wonder, what are all these stone-aged
cavemans doing my back!!.i think they are drunk!!!! by the way !! my addy     pl
11 28450 v-ulvila. finland!!!  bye!!!  not yet!! i wanna say couple of word
about scene!!.right now scene is totally crazy!!! many famoust groups are dead,
and.maybe many will die in future!!! i just wanna say that try to keep.the most
important thing in scene !!!! the friendship !!!! that's from me !!! see
ya!! duplicator of cave signed
off.............................................and now our next quest
is???????.stinger on homo perkele! se voitti mut kick offissa !!!    signed : a
very very. frustrated eku !     allright, it is 9.15 pm, a bit under three hours
till.the competition where this nice piece of mr. lips' codework will kick some
.asses... the competition is tough but so are we... heh heh... aren't
cavemen.supposed to be rugged ??? there are almost all finnish cave-members
present,. just 3 out of 15 members are missing, and since it is quite a big fun
being at .this cool pardie, i just wanna wish all the best to fang, johnny and
orion; .'wish you were here !!! ahyeah, then some very very quick hellos to my
very best.friends involved in the scene :   lazerbrain of crusaders, sinbad of
acidforce uk, . stranger of level 4, loffy of clones and all the others... many
more or less cool. groups are present here in iisalmi, among them amaze,
wizzcat, bloodsuckers, x-beat, .fart/clones, image, accession, disknet, the
world-famous doom(hehe!), beyond force,. and our good friends that we are
sharing the room with : midnightsun (no longer a. part of clones !!!) !!!    
this is supposed to be a no booze party, but what's.up ?  last night most
cavemen were quite drunk, best being flyer (nakki nannattaja).who puked on the
floor of our room, dr. feelgood (?) who threw up propably more .than once...
flyer was one of the most drunk cave-men and still he could pick a that
condition ! (though he propably wouldn't have known what to do with.her !) (yes
i do...!!!   (flyer))  anyway, welcome our group's mr. thunderlips nr.. 2
(unless mr. lips, spiv, that is, is one as well...) besides erkki... .   also hi
to mace of image who passed out in a way so fancy (falling down ) and.mic dair
of simplex for taking peacemaker out for a date with ms. koskenkorva !!!.ay ay
ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay .............................more hellos to :
spreader, ffc, istvan, tigger, stranger mark j.k. and all other.modemfreaks...  
      hello ! here is eku!!! i am really sorry that i wrote.there were no modem
imports! there are! i do not know from who or where but.sorry anyway... ok now i
will leave again because my boss jupe said that stupid to write so much
scrolltexts... maybe i will continue later....bye!!!

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