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hello all computer freaks and tractor maniacs welcome to another demo from
electronic artists. it is a bob demo called 178 bobluni!!  there are 178 boobies
on screen right now!! and the screen is updating every frame.... isn't it nice??
   and that is with st music and large moving area. approx. 14336 bytes.... 
here is the credits .... programming by pwy. bobs by pwy. cool chars by
outsider.. and this excellent tune was soundtracked by the incredible master of
sound....  superted of the band.. thanx pal  it is great!!!!   we will not make
life hard for all you swappers out there so we will write our contact addresses
now   first punisher's addresss... punisher of eoa    krokusvn. 2       4300 
sandnes     norway     and speedy's address...  eivind vea    vea city    4276 
vedavagen     norway.....  and at last the address of our h.q.   fritjof ovrebo.
     4260 torvastad      norway....   and now some special greetings to... 
alive,  avalanche, cryptoburners, piranhas and aces,  complex, cosanostra, phaze
101.....  i do not have the complete greetings list cos a lot of new dudes have
written to us since our last demo.... a little message from megaman to crain of
phaze 101. where are your sendings?   didn't you get my sending???       and
now, a message to scoopex sweden.   make real bobs with masking, and not just
those  o r  bobs... ok??        i have run out of inspiration, so..... here is
the world famous wizzkid!!!  hah!!  that was nice, pwy!!   yep!!    outside it
is an extremely nice weather    it is raining, flashing, buldring and braking!! 
 some days ago i got some music from superted of the band!!   i really have to
say that i think that i am one of his greatest fans!!  and a message to you
teddyboy!!  i have heard some rumours about the band beeing split up, and you
know that you can always send a little note to speedy that says ok!! i want to
join eoa now!!    ok??    that was all from me, wizzkid.... so here is pwy
again. just to say goodbye and that you will see quite a lot from us in the near
future!!! sit back and enjoy the cool muzak!!!!...........................      
     catch ya l8r

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