Level 4 - 194 BobsDetailsCaseRow
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level four advanced software des.ign .   .     is proud to present you .....    
           >>> 194 bobs <<<      .    .    .   yeah,. but these are 194 real
bobs which are moving on a normal sinus-wave !!   so forget scoopex and
phenomena with their cheated bobs        .now some details about this bob-demo
.the bobs. are flying on an area which is  320x200  pixels big. they use two
planes the bobs are 15x15 pixels big. this scroller costs me 2 balls !.i think
thats enough bout that !!!     ahhh by the way this fast bob-routine was written
by                >>>  mcs  <<<      .      .    . if a.nybody wants to contact
me just write to our plk with a note for mcs ! write to . > plk 155834e 675
kaiserslautern. w.ger.many <. b.ut dont forget that i stopped swapping software
! so contact me only for coding info  .     . my personal greetings to all our
members, amitech and to all coders     i forgot something to say about this demo
!   this demo is the result of an contest between me (mcs) and mms he solved 194
bobs but i solved 196 bobs ! yep !   so long       signed:    ...... mcs of
level four 1989 ......

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