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fatal   p     by     p     design   pb  present   anellie the elephant! b this
music disk is a real technological breakthru for the amiga for a few reasons
which i will explain (or try to) now..        this disk is the first and only
production to utilise the full power of dynamic hires (4096 colours in high
resolution) because it does what even the inventors of dynamic hires say cannot
be done !!    ..   as well as a dynamic hires picture on screen there is also an
interlaced ham scrolly down here (that you are reading right now !!)  and
noisetracker music playing all at the same time !!!  now if that aint awesome
then i dont know what is !!!     the picture above is taken from nick williams
pictureware library (and jolly good it is too !!!)      this is the first real
product by us..    if you have managed to pick yourself off the floor then i
will get straight on with the credits for this demo..     the code was done by  
>rorschach<   and the awesome music was done by me     >brutal<    ..     this
is not our first demo, our first one was a single file demo called  
>indirection<    which is well worth getting your hands on if you want to get
your hands on what will soon become a piece of amiga history.  it is available
on quantum bbs (which is officially sponsored by us) and the number is as
follows...     within the uk call  021 707 0681     or international call  44
(0)21 707 0681..     if you want to get in touch with us then dont hesitate to
leave me a message on f net or feel free to e mail me on quantum bbs (address
your mail to either gary masters or uzi suicide)     a few people may recognise
the arkanoid tune on this disk as being from an intro by agile..     this is not
because we ripped it off but actually they ripped me off !!!   i would like to
ask them to contact me to answer a few questions for me..    1> where did you
get the module from ??     2> why did i not get a greet or a credit for it ???  
  i would appreciate it if you would let me know by either contacting me thru
quantum bbs or by writing to me at the address coming up soon....     a contact
address for demo swapping or just a general chat then contact us at the
following address ..     a23 merevale road,     solihull,     west midlands,    
b92 8la,     england.      b..  that is enough mindless jabbering from me for
now,  so until the next time, this is brutal of fatal signing off and handing
over to tnc and dexter (of digital)    bye bye.....       tnc here how are you
all? i feel very sleepy because it is now 0:26 in the morning of 1st of april
1992 and i want to go to sleep but i need to write this text...this text is for
a production to be released at the anarchy party to be held in barnsley england
in the month of april.. if you are reading this at the party then i hope you are
enjoying it and if you are reading it in a far off place why did you not come to
this party????? ok no more shite text today no it was yesterday dexter of plague
joined digital and he is staying at my place for this week so i will now hand
the keyboard over to dexter of digital to fill up your memory and to make you
hot and moist over your amiga.............hi people, its me, the mega banana
dexter of plague, or should that be digital, well, im here to type some scroll
for you to look at. okay, heres some messages from me to you, so if you arent
mentioned, dont write to me asking why ?      matrix  > hullo dave, cmon and let
me write my tunes for you matey.    delbert/lsd > good luck, keep sniffing them
toilet seats !?      yaz/digital > nice to be in the same group as you, send me
some nice sounds pleez !      spook/digital > hope the new demos alright mate,
will it beat the punisher ?           clan/fate > hello my friend how goes it ?
send me another load of chocolate soon !!!     cutcreator/static bytes > hiya
mate, i liked > cutcreations > especially your plundering tune, really nice.    
        wal > i love ya chip mods, i also like your rap shit, you managed to get
some very nice samples there, nice one      tj agony > whoarr !? (bogus!)       
  hal > hello        station! bogus! non>heinous! unprecedented! fuck that! see
you in a minute matey          recoil/ghost > i liked your tune, wandering
alone, but you must be dead, coz you havent written to me in about 4 months !   
        gamma/dual crew howdy fred ! soz for the delays but im a lamer too ! the
coffee you sent cheered me up on one of those long stormy nights we seem to get
a lot of ! send me more ? !         red devil/wizzcat > ive improved fluffbug a
bit, expect a new copy soon !        azrael&elwood/ghost > er er er hiya people!
whats the point in saying anything when i see ya both every bleedin day at
school (bet no>one knew that !)    coaxial/alpha flight > wow ! thanks to you
for supplying me with always the latest stuff !            cylon > (the one from
finland) > hello jouni ! sorry i had to leave the group, hope you find success
(you know them dont you!) in another group (success sf ?)           magic
mushroom > hi trev, pleez dont be too pissed off with me, i hope we can still be
mates ?           flame/digital > wow ! i love your music, but your gfx just
butter my biscuit ! your punisher logo was unbelievable !                   & i
should think that ive written quite enough for one day, so ill leave it at that,
bye !?!....thank you dex i wish you all the luck i can with your new group good
luck mate...ok there have been lots of rumours going around concerning what the
fuck has happerned to me since i have not sent to back to most of my contacts in
a long while (sorry guys) people have said i have been raided by the boys in
blue or died in a fatal accident and even ran off because i got a schoolgirl of
12 up the duff... i will now explain i ceased 80 per cent of my mail trading in
october because i had my contact file stolen along with other stuff then and as
i dont keep contact letters (only long friendship ones) i lost over 60 addresses
and 80 per cent of my contacts lots of whom had written to me for the first time
so now i have about 68 people all over this planet thinking i am a dirty
diskstealing bastard and i cannot get into contact with you dudes to give you
your disks back.... here is a list of guys i want to send me their addresses so
i can write back to you and send you the disks i owe you.. andrew elkheim
(grimstad norway) rotox/kryptic sandsman/divine bobcat/triplex knight/majic12
dragonbait/lunatics  rascal/razor1911 s.w.a.t/bronx thomas petersen (dk)
warlock/majic12 torgier letting (baarud norway zenonarmogedden (danmstadt
germany) rem/relay shredder/tfc alf/network (molde norway) coronal/exit france
kosik oliver /graphiti hungary frostie/fireballs dk duels/jwt reiner v dijk
(dussen holland) mr lay/graphitti schizofrenak/lunatics wolfman/balance (denmark
you never send me an address card dude send me one soon) zodan/r.a.f (sweden)
their ends the list that i can remember off the top of my brain if you know any
of the guys on the list please pass this production on to them...thank you and
sorry guys... if by any chance you are looking for new contacts to
swap..videos,music,coffee,beer,posters,music from your
country,t>shirts,chocolate,gum,the latest and the greatest on the amiga and long
long letters the write to: tnc 75 brantley road,witton,birmingham,b6 7dl,e n g l
a n d... or call 44 (0)21 326 6378 (chris) 100 percent rep for long long
letters...ok more crap text before the greets section.... it is now 17:16 on
satuday and i have just came back from the phone box (fuck bt) its getting
harder and harder to find soft phones.. so if anyone out there can help me with
ideas and information on boxing then i would worship you forever...hi to all the
guys who i phone ..dexter has just left and he has gone back up to todmorden. oh
shit its so crap typing text while sitting on your own in a little semi in
birmingham.. i would like to say a very big hi to sam who gave me a action
replay cartridge it is very useful to me at this moment in time ta.. ok here is
the tnc golden greats and messages list.... hi to all the guys who are lost on a
disk somewhere (the guys i mentioned before  jan (i love you and i always will) 
delbert/lsd (keep smelling those sheep across the road from yours and hit a high
note for me while doing addiction packs good luck dude) matrix hi dave good luck
mate  laila (hei kann ich helfen du) trond (tja tja hi dude hows it hanging)
harald (sorry about the long wait enjoy) etc etc... if i missed you sorry.. here
is a list of groups and people who i admire.. lsd,digital,majic12
phenomena,anarchy,alcatraz,staticbytes,rebels,crusaders,cytax dual
crew,powerhouse,mahoney and kaktus,complex,vanish,tomsoft
wizzcat,network,pure metal coders,crionics,symbiosis,budbrain,vega....thank you
all and if you want to me write to: tnc 75 brantley road, witton, birmingham, b6
7dl, e n g l a n d.....if you are a group based in birmingham or the west
midlands contct me im interested in finding out how many people are from here...
ok i am going down now so turn that music up full and enjoy.. i will see you in
a scroll text soon until then keep cool and keep taking the pills....tnc is down
but not out..........see ya.........

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