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and finally they did it...    what ya see is what ya get and this time ya get
the new mindkillers demo called  med-res-revolution #   this is guru talking to
ya...   at first, i would like to announce who made it possible:  the
realization-team:   mic, guru, koto   #   sound created by:       foxx         #
  logo by:         avatar        #  feel free to put it on ya compact and in ya
brain...    Now the only real gay mindkiller (baba the bard) is trying to get
some audience (nein koto , zensur is nich !!!!)   just before our coma-drinkers
start to laber ...  at the moment i am sitting on a pussy chair besides two evil
eyes , two evil guys which try to infiltrate me !  their busty names are koto
and guru of our legendary group   they told me to write some nonsense they are
not able to let me start first with our new plks in     4412 ostbevern    #  plk
160588 e     #and    plk 160589 e     #ya can write to both    but only elite
guys can write to the plk in bielefeld which follows later on...   Now our group
will be very active in demos , intros and boozing (just coz of guru and koto      so spread our productions . i also would like to introduce our new
member          ragman      # who will run a plk in telgte..   a note to
pinochet :you are absolutely right , our army consists of boozers (meik) happy
cocks (frank) and socialists (baba) frank nich von hinten nein !!!!! doch nich
mit der handgranate ... er kommt nun mal aus dem gewerbe ...let us become
serious . who likes to swap gory videos with me ? who has the newest movies ,
send them to our plk in ostbevern ...    and please think of meiks  (gurus)
birthday . send him some pornos or porno mags !!!he is on the nightshift ,
dudelbuddelhuddel (this to beermacht !!)    ya mast drank mare bcause wa are
batter !    personal greets to hellraiser (sorry,porto !) subzero (better films
, yop ) gator (a night with alligator) meik und frank machen ein teppichzentrum
auf send carpets , tortellinis and crapfen   nur der perser is ein
perverser , if you are too lame then you have to shame ...   no , koto hits me
with a phone in rome i am lone   koto wants to stab me in the back around the
neck and lays on stack . these are staberhymes , leute ... ya know i have
learned english for 8 years . greets to people , bist wieder beim frauenarzt .
mein gott   dann tschuess , ich muss zurueck in die  gummizelle ... (dies war
baba mit gelaba !)   yo ! this is again guru typing now after having baba thrown
out of my flat...  koto is still sitting next to me and we will try to attract
ya attention together...     koto asks : what comes now ? and i say : yip ! now
he laughs again...  and again...  to be continued...     i for myself would like
to introduce another new member of the mindkillers calling himself          navy
       #  and here comes the one and only official mindkillers-memberlist : baba
the bard (hq, spreader, sound, video),     guru (swapping, little coding,
combatdrinker, future modemtrader),    koto (swapping, little coding,
combatdrinker, future modemtrader),    exxoss (spreader, sound),    incognito
(spreader, gfx),    software-express (coding, video),    koek (coding, video),  
 ragman (swapping),    navy (coding, gfx)  and also special handshakes to our
passive members as there are : people, modeve, vector, fusco and i
will give the keys to koto coz i am gonna fetch one half litre of good old      
 veltins      #   for all non-germans, that is beeeeeer...   see ya later on...
.....   yip yop yoho yibeldidibbeldiyup now i ( koto ) will smash gurus keyboard
into the trashcan..  first i would like to say something about the shit baba
smashed in ya eyes. do not take care of this speech done by our horror-porno-hq 
 note : nothing of this shit represents my opinion !!!!    after a long time of
being absent i will soon return to continue my fucking dirty job in order to get
all of ya pleased ... yop !! now i am out of ideas . ya all must now read the
shit that gulu  aehh  gumu  aehh  guru is typing ...ciao ( see ya later in this
200 kb scrolly )( joke )...         o.k.        # and here i am again...   the
master of the swappiverse....   ( gulp !!!  (koto) ) yes, that is the way it has
to be...  gulp was originally done by koto... give him ya regards for that... 
what i guess is that ya all are waiting for the greets, heh ?  so do i.... but
be sure that they will follow sooooon... ( koto typing :  guru opened now his
17st bottle of beer, but this is not the end of his try to get a mental-hangover
( hi scoopex !! ) )   well, that is guru again but i have to announce that this
doesnt matter to me...   it is my hobby...  ya think that ya are in the greets ?
 i hope ya are for ya owns sake...   oh i hate these neverending  but
now another orgasm of this demo follows, the messages : yop , hi christina  
aehh  pinhead of amaze . still one of the scene ruling gays ? what about ya
personal motto : total anal ? we just like to give ya one hint : try to grab ya
one nice and groovy girl and fuck like a beast coz a girl is always wider than
an asshole...  just have a try fellow...  just for our german readers :  i have
to mention kotos comment to this : hattu butter auffer stulle kannste bumsen wie
son bulle...   ( ne wa ? )  all right, there is one comment that koto would like
to give to our german readers concerning my (gurus) sexual activities : es gibt
nur eine frau in bielefeld die meik noch nicht gepoppt hat     seine mutter    #
 mann nennt ihn auch den bezirksbefruchter . stop , this is still koto writing
some shit. messy to conan of celtic ..  thanks for telling the truth to
brainstorms zine... guru is grabbing for my throat in order to get the keys
again... and here he is...  yip ! now i would like to translate kotos speech for
our english-speeking part of the contacts... he told ya that there is just one
girl in town that i did not fuck up to this date... my mother...  and that the
people in my hometown just call me an area-fucker... o.k. let it be like that...
 now we have to turn over to the mindkillers greetz and special regards that
will follow this way : first of all i ( guru or better : meik ) will give my
personal regards and then koto ( frank ) does, later on the official greetz will
follow....  so let me ( guru ) start with my personal regards : i send my
private flashes of sperm to the following gilrs : svenja-christin, claudia,
marita, elke, martina, monika, annecke, sylke and all the the others out there i
have forfucken, aeeeh forgotten...  now it is kotos term to continue....  koto
got the keys now...  let me start with that small amount which had managed it to
escape...  or better : read the scrolly before again... yop ! the rest of the
bielefeld-girls have one problem : to be double-fucked...  but that is not a
problem, it is a destination... now let us start the official mindkillers
greetzlist :   we send our yip yop yohos and our deepest fucks we ever got to
our best partners in crime as there are : rsi ( florian ), pussy germany ( keep
on that work and send more pussies... ), Trygon ( let hear from ya old fuckerz,
we will not longer wait for a letter...), mexx (hi isi, take it just easy...),
cps (nice to hear from ya again),  annex (hi traxx), thalysis (good work
mirage), united forces (where are ya cool tool disx ?? ), abakus ( hi mave ),
the samplers ( cool sounddisxs ), violent wave (nice source-code . credits to 
?????? ), squadron (yop fellows, hope ya will write faster next time), science (
yoho guys ), x-treme (hi bryce, whats the matter with you ??  lost our plk ?? ),
synergy of raf ( hi dark knight , cool demo and compacts ), amaze (
punisher/pinhead/bomber ), cryptoburners, it,  freelance ( yop cinclant, your
sounddisk was o.k. !! ), the enforcers ( wanna swap 1000 disx ? ), subway ( mike
), tristar (hey flynn ,do ya remember me ( koto ) ??? ), savage ( yo saigon ,
hope ya have nice holidays ! ), double trouble ( hi ), Exterminators ( yop
merlin, cool sendings ), system 5 ( cool guyz ), scs ( scs ), hush ( send better
and faster !! ), news-on-tour-team ( cool mag ), 4th dimension-team ( kepp on
that cool work ), d.i.s.c.-team ( hi level 4 , ey mic, thanks for ya cooperation
in finishing this masterpiece of art ), panthers (fast reflex ,answer soon or
die ), afl ( zylon , chin ), tnp ( ??????? ), zombie boys ( be more zombie ),
acu ( always cool sendings ), skid row (nice cracks fellows, i like em ), the
unikowns ( no greetings , just fuckings. send much much better stuff or ya will
burn in hell ), reetec ( cool dudes ), d-mob ( ya made the best house-sounds in
the scene ), puke norway ( stay as good as ya are ), infinity (cool dudes...),
Reselution 101 (ya will be mindkillers italy ???  contact me for that...),
inflexia ( show that ya are good !), the flashing bytes (the same for ya...) and
we got no power left to type the greetz of our hq ( if we are not the real hq )
and we do not have the power to type the  rest of our (gurus and kotos)
regards...   sorry for these guyz but it is now late in the night and we have
much more things to do...   imagine what...    yes, ya are right...  fuck for
freedom...   guru is besoffen....   fuck off koto... ( koto ) it is always
better to be fucked off than to be an assfucker...   special regards to pinhead
of amaze....  now we will both sign off bcoz we are finished up... to get in an
elite touch with us, then write to     PLK 123265 C    #  in     4800 bielefeld
14  # no disk guarantees no answer....  but do not send before the 21st of
september... before that date use plk 127269 c in 4800 bielefeld 14... important
!!! now we like to say good-bye and yop-yop and everything ya like but thiz is
the real end now...  so get inside ya bed and start to fuck all ya can get...
see ya......   scrolly restarts............

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