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motion           presents   mona lisa overdrive  z   a devil&mastermind
production @1990-motion, with music by mr.hat... do you think this is boring ??
well   .............. watch ! ................                                ok
! fractals are still cool, my routine draws julia-sets with 32 colors & zoom in
less than a minute while the fastest sets take only about 25 seconds to
calculate... thats tougher than the rest, huh?                          by the
way, the picture is 512*480 ham interlaced, quite a big problem when it comes to
scrolling... but for us it's no problem that we have only 50% of the normal
rastertime and that only sprites makes it possible to add a    second playfield 
  to a ham picture. and the fact that there are only 8 sprites available makes
no difference to us...                       some greetings must go to : 
abakus, abnormal, altair, andromeda, aurora, black power, chrome, contex,
crusaders, cryptoburners, darkside, errors, flash, fraxion, gate, illusion, imp
666, new wave, no limits, perfects, phoenix, pmc, razor 1911, securitate, shade,
spetznats, triumph, unit one inc, wizzcat and world vision.... and everybody
else at the party except avatars !                        watch out for
forthcoming productions from motion; cracks, imports, intros and demos     here
are raider & duel of motion! we are sitting at the imp 666 and no limits party
in arendal. the date is 6th of october.. time is 21.27, that means that it is
about 3 and a half hour to the deadline of the demo competition.                
            the lamers (a group) have connected their amiga to a midi system..
maybe fine but those lamers use it to play some really shitty music on about two
patterns, and then play it for only some few hours..                            
illusion imported some stuff from the u.s. some minutes ago. they used the
telephone line at the teachers' room... so nice of them!!.. lots of greetings to
them!   crusaders managed to make a little local tv-channnel and sent some nice
pictures showing dr. awesome while eating pizza.. mmm..disgusting! haha!        
               i, (raider), would like to send some hellos to mindblaster of
wizzcat. we drove a maxi-taxi from the arendal train station together with him &
some other guys. we copied some stuff from each other and had fun before the
party really started.. stay cool!                             this party is not
so really big after all.. only about 280 have showed up... the only foreigners
we have noticed so far are some dudes from the swedish group aurora. we have
also heard some danish chit-chat from somewhere, but we are not completely
sure...                         rumours says that this is the first copy-party
walkman of crb has ever been to.... poor guy...    well, i would like to say
hello to ping of dictators! thank you for a cool chat over a game of populous!  
                      a message to everyone: have you got a 286 or 386 pc you
want to sell very cheap?? no, i am not kidding.. i just want a pc to run a bbs
on.. it's easier for me that way.. so if you got a very cheap pc, call me
(raider) on +47 2 237838 and ask for svein moen...                        it
will be a 14400bps board with amiga only stuff.. more details about the bbs when
the pc is bought!    well, the coke bottles turns empty.. better open another.. 
slurp... ahhh!   burp!!!.. refreshed and ready for more shit-text! well.. hydra
of andromeda dropped by! i am letting him write some crap!.... ta godt imot:
hydra!!!..                        hello! this is hydra of andromeda typing some
bytes for your pleasure! some party regards are going to: mindblaster of
wizzcat, raider of motion, flash, morgan of no limits, laiz of gate, raven of
crusaders.... and all the other dudes i have talked with at this party! ok,
that's enough for this time! bye from hydra of andromeda! og husk alltid: ramhet
er veien til julekakene!                           next out is mindblaster!!    
mindblaster of wizzcat knoting on da keys.   hi boys and girls, ohh i really
love ya all.         fart is an art!!!        frrrpp!!     ahh lovely, but where
is everybody going??? , what have i done??????  well gotta keep on writing
alone! (disgusting!!,ed) who needs you anyway ?                         hi
ralph! don't hang over da machine!!!   sum greets to da  following persons and
crews:   everyone in motion!!!,  hyde,  ralph, mage, jesus, hydra, lord
interface and all you other  maniacs of andromeda!                        hi
hydra, ramhet er veien til helvete!!!  flash of nothing cool, yeach! hi to you
too!!  well gotta fly out of here, but i have no flying lisence so i'll stick to
the  ground!!!       mindblaster signing off! ....                        
rammhet er ikke veien til det stygge sted! husk det! (hydra!)              yo!
here is raider again! hmm.. some strange guest writers... well, i am back to
fill your screen with crap!                        i better bring some yo's to
the following: hydra of andromeda (stop that julekake shit-chat!)  mindblaster
of wizzcat (i visit you after the demo-deadline!!) jelly-fish of unit one (thank
you for letting us be the first to get the full version of multiripper v2.0!! 
ok, that's it.                          well, i think it is very cold inside
this building now.. i am freezing!! i am wearing my jacket, but it is still
cold... ah yeah! the gfx competition is about to begin now.. the folks are
crowding around the big screen.. but the screen is still black! hmm... i am
sitting here in the big hall, looking at my 1081, and the big screen which is
still black...                          well... i better sign off now, we have
better things to do than writing this... see you in the next production from
motion...    - - b y e ! ! ! - -

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