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another cute piece of art from the [offworld]...                                
   yeps offworld is back again after a long delay and this time with a new intro
(again).                                  we done this intro to announce you
that we are in need of members.                you can read the contact
addresses from below   (first tap right mouse button few times.)           the
first three address are for joining us and ofcourse for swapping.               
             now lets go ahead with the greetings and after that some personal
bullshit.                             airwalk [] alpha flight [] anarchy []
animators [] anthrox [] armageddon [] artemis [] atomic [] beyond force [] blade
[] brainstorm [] brainwave [] bytebusters [] byterapers inc. [] cave [] chrome
[] coma [] crusaders [] cycron [] cytax [] d-tect [] darkside [] defcon one []
devils [] dual crew [] end of century 1999 [] euphoria [] exotic men [] flash
production [] frantic [] gemini 2028 [] genocide [] grace [] ice and bcy []
image [] imp-666 [] impact inc. [] intuition [] ipec elite [] kyberias [] live
act [] loctite [] majic 12 [] midnightsun [] nikki corruptions [] panic []
possessed [] powerlords [] resolution 101 [] royal amiga force [] savage []
scrapers [] society [] spectre [] starline [] strangers [] tetragon [] the
special brothers [] time warp [] titanbytes [] treacl [] trinomic []
untouchables [] vectra [] vermin [] vogue [] yakuza [] zenith [] zero defects []
                                        the person who is teasing you now is
zany, the coder of this quick-coded, -drawed and -designed intro.               
now some personal small talk from me (still zany).         i want to apologize
for my [looong] delay in swapping.      anyway, now i have started swapping
again and soon i will be at my best! i even [try] to get more contacts for
getting all the newest stuff to my dear contacts...                           i
am sorry to say that, but the guy who is now typing is not zany anymore. well
this is glenn cosmos with no ideas what to write so i only say one thing if you
wanna swap hot stuff with me then send your own productions (if possible) to me
and pray. but only elite, because i got enough of those finnish lamers.  so
there is nothing more to say than goodbye.                       hi.  jules nova
here.    i only wanna say hellos to   daddy freddy of scrapers.  tsau  man. nice
letters, good music and fancy vhs!  have fun and drive fast!        df0 of
intuition.  sorry about extremely long delay. i will try to send some of my
graphics as soon as i can.      sorries also to reflex of zero defects, svante
of cycron, tyson of impact inc., y.drazil of tetragon, jbm of dual crew, viking
of megaminds...  i will contact you guys again.       jules gets bored...       
                    das ist alvin radar schreibing (cool, eh?)   i dont wanna
write but because im the official storyteller i have to (soooo complicated and
strange (in fact it is not)). so this little story is about a little coder who
in the summer 1990 started to code a little game called comiquiz. we counted
that comiquiz would be ready in january (thats quite a long time but he is not
fast either). well, the story continues. the coder became lazier than lazy and
and started playing snooker and thats why comiquiz was not finished before the
deadline. because we didnt know that it wont get ready we held all the disks at
home. perhaps you now understand the gigantic delay. we hope this is now the new
beginning and youll be getting our productions more often. thats it. live long
and prosper. alvin radar goes offworld.
Text Writer
offworld presents
-join us-

credits goes to following persons

] graphics and design by open eyes
] music by papa smurf
] coding by zany

[press right mouse button]

we are seeking for qualified
members, especially coders!
our graphic artists and musician
can produce high quality products,
so we need more coders who can
carry out the awesome ideas of the
artists and coders who at all can
present demos under the offworld

ofcourse, members with other
abilities are also wanted!

[press right mouse button]

if you think you are the right
person for our group, contact us

glenn cosmos of offworld (hq)
heinikonkatu 17 a 1
sf-20240 turku

jules nova of offworld
jussi pakarinen
ankkurikylankatu 21 a 4
sf-20240 turku

[press right mouse button]

zany of offworld
tero saarni
karvataskunkatu 14 a 14
sf-20610 turku

these addresses were for swapping
and for membership! the following
address is only for swapping.

duracell of offworld
pl 98
sf-45701 kuusankoski

[press right mouse button]

offworld consists of following

glenn cosmos      (swap, hq)
cyberunner        (code)
duracell          (swap)
fizban            (code)
g-lock of oe      (graphics)
jules nova of oe  (graphics, swap)
papa smurf        (music)
alvin radar of oe (graphics)
zany              (code, swap)

[press right mouse button]

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.