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welcome to the anarchy party slideshow  credits for this go to the following
slaves                 code - ace              þ              graphics - jaz   
        þ               music - snare            þ general graphics touch up
work and slide-text by                 mutant mango            þhi people! ace
here, i betcha wanna know when this was released!, well to tell you the truth, i
do not know myself!, the code was completed one week before the event, and at
the party, people were too busy doing other things, this was meant to be a one
disk slideshow, but, no-one seemed to to be bothered to do anything much. i
could not be bothered to modify the code single file this, besides, i think that
there are too many slides to do this anyway. the party was o.k, but was marred
by a few assholes who fucked up a lot of peoples fun, those at the party will
know who i mean. for those of you that don`t know, several articles were stolen,
and at this point i would just like to say that one of those articles were mine,
an action replay 3 to be exact, it was in a bag in a room where most of digital
were, yet, some sneaky kunt nabbed it. if anyone has information that leads to
the recovery of my a.r, then there is a small reward. that was my personell
tragedy, but something more important than that happened when some shit-head
nicked a printer from a school, this was one of the other buildings, were the
people went who could`nt fit in the main building. my loss was annoying to me, i
am a 17 year old student, and cannot really afford to splash out 70 quid on
something, that most people would agree, is essential to coding. it is also
annoying to me because i travelled 300 miles to meet people who share a
particular intrest with me, not to have my stuff nicked. what pissed me and many
other people of though more than anything else that day was this printer going
missing. as i understand it money was deducted of some of the comps. to pay for
this, the lower building was shut this caused overcrowding and less money for
those people who worked hard on producing work for the comps., it also means
that maybe anarchy will be unable to use that venue again. sorry, i think that
this fucking disgusting, and i am sure that most people will agree with me! what
is 100% certain is that more than one person knows about these incidently and
possibly more, i just urge  you to expose these assholes, they dis-credit the
scene and they affect everyone, if anyone has any information then you can speak
to me(ace) on (0277) 365597 or talk to our swappers, or why not write into
grapevine, or some of the other good disk mags.  there were quite a lot of neat
people at the party, (before i go any further, hi to streamline and spook,
thanks for letting me stay around your house steam-line!!)  ermm, i did not know
many, i met monty python and spoke to him for a little while(hi m8!), i met the
power-man(hehehe) manx, and a few group members(hi to
ranx,jaz,chopper,batfink,magic mushroom,nuke,and mutant mango who is sitting
right beside me!, not a lot else happened, congratulations to streamline who
came second in the demo comp.! right now, i am typing this text at 5:31 pm, it
has taken longer to compile this than code it!, i am at mutant mango`s house
again(waiting for some dinner!), and i am listening to nirvana(the fucking
best!), it`s nice outside!,(why am i not outside?).. mmmmm i`m bored, have the
keys cheers for the keys to ongar city mr. ace, yes i'm here and
ace is'nt, well acually he is but who gives a chimpanzies? well, hi to all the
people i met at the party and sorry that i could'ntspend more time chatting, but
lifes a bitch, and then you marry one (by the way i'm not sexist, it's just
wimmin i hate!!!). well as nobody is going to read this after ace's scrolly i am
going to singhy off now...           now it`s time for some greety`s!   addonic
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