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hello and welcome to a new masterpiece from razor 1911..  first of all i'll take
the credits very fast......... coding by sector 9 and doctor no, music by hat
trick and last and l-e-a-s-t, almost all the stupid text was done by various
members of (t)it and our own members on the it,rawhead (imp 666) and the band
party in arendal..... this is surely a lame party (he-he) (sh)it and their
friends aren't able to hold a reasonable cool party..(or are they?????)         
 i (sector 9) will take no responsobility for the lame text (!!!) in this
demo...  here comes a real shit member .....    crit   .... :     gock mal.. 
featherfall..     this is not 'nissen' but he'll be here real soon...    have
you heard his new hit.  it goes like this:    paa loven sitter santa claus med
drolt demo,   med drolt demo,   med drolt demo ...    etc. etc. etc.      after
this scrollwriting we ( keyjay,jolic and i ) will show the tractors some real 
it-games.    first event is sleepingbag-boxing.  that is realy great. you can
smash your opponent without hurting him. maybe there's no point in that, but it
would be a hell of a mess to clean up if we didn't use any protection (and it is
our party).      well, something wonderful has just happened.  wreckwolf just
puked on a beer-bottle.  and that is a great prestation.     i just thought of
doing the same.  it would be nice with a featherfall on this party.       we (
keyjay,jolic and i ) just joined razor.   that was a nice decision. maybe buzzaw
will join us later.    'fuck shit, and all the northys' is our slogan......
hallo dette er keyjay of shittractor........kommer nissen snart??   i think i'll
quit tractor 1911 and rejoin shit again.....temporarly goodbye from
sdgjhfjksgfah.......   gock mal,  this is drit again.  hvor blir det av nissen ?
 he should have been here now.   you see, jolic and i just had a little boxing
round.   the shit sleepingbag was great, but the tractors' was bad ( it fell up
during the match ).    well, now i think it's time to quit this group and rejoin
it.   gock bye.           ariba!   this is jolic of razzen 1911!       hur hur
hur!   this is a great group but i don't know any members (unfortunately)....   
 nissen er ikke kommet enda, men vi venter...   vidar is asleep on the fatso.   
 gooooooock mal!     wreckwolf did not puke in a beer bottle, it was a rumour...
 he only pissed in it!          i am starting to miss my oldie goldie group, it,
so i think i gotta rejoin them again!!!..............     well well here is rex
of razor and i wish you  welcome to  yeah!!!  the reason why we took this name
was that we was bored to death looking at 'yeah' scrollers we don't like to read
about how much the time is, how many  guys who is sitting around the writer and
things like that. this scroll contains some very serious stuff from  'it' (he??)
before we will let 'it' write in this scrolly, i(rex)  would like to send some
messages to sargon. please send  back to me, bcoz i have lost your address. send
back to :                                   rex/razor 1911                      
             brynsv. 15                                        7018 tr.heim     
                                norway.....     this demo was released at the
rawhead(imp 666) / the band and it mega party in arendal (norway).            
now it's time to let insane write some text!        right now, it is about 100
persons here. no cool groups, except for it, of course.    the party will be
real cool, but that's only because the cool arrangers, it! and the other....   
party report:  vrakvargen and his friends are drunk, after smelling on the beer
bottles.  little lamers.....     i am a lamer!! and i am insane! this demo is
the best demo ever released in the world!!!   razor is the best team in the
world!  everybody else is lamers!   especially people from north/norway (liked
that one, u.n.a.r?)!    we think it is equal to u.n.a.r.  they are lamers!!!!!  
maybe we'll go to a war against it!!!!  fuck off!!         maybe we'll vistit
the great, charming, huge city harstad just to burn your houses down!      move
to trondheim! it's the best town in norway!!     message to it:  maase-egg og
mack-0l er dritt. begynn med rhesus minus-egg og ec-dahls 0l!!!!!         
mister yes is reading pyton!    i am a tractor maniac!!  brrrrrrrrrum......     
ae e' itj no' norlaening ae, sj0!! ae e' ein aekt' tr0nder!      razor e' naan
aekt' kvalminga!        right now, lix of network and codex of hoaxers are
making me sick, with all their bullshitt!   thei keep on complaining about my
scrolltext!   but i am insane, so i don't care!!      vrakvargen and his friends
are going mad at the scene with their rap:   it, i am shit!!!   etc. and of
course their  joik about nordlennga'      insane is insane!!    oh.... i have to
get me some karsk!!  i have to put a kaktus between my legs, so i can walk like
a real tr0nder!    this looks like it's gonna be a real cool party!!  (but
that's only because of the cool arrangers, it!!)         i can't understand why
we have complained about it before.... they are the coolest people in the
world!!!      i love my fathers tractor!!!! it's a 4 wheeldrive, green and
yellow tractor!    i just love driving in the wood with this great tractor!!!   
      the sound.....    i think this is enough text!   by the way, i am the 
most insane insane in the world!!!                     insane (?) signing off,
sector 9 is back.  thanx a lot to insane (???????????????????????)for his (?)
bullshit (okse sjit!!!)       sector 9 wishes you a good night!       ps! jolic
and crit are childish (!!!)

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