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welcome to securitateHs  . . . bloodsuckers party intro . . .    .....
hoohhoijaa !!!   do you want to hear a vvvvery old and wornout joke ???   ok... 
here is atari stHs basic vectorroutine. it is very slow and shitty but... here
it comes ...   5 4 3 2 1 0   ....  this time it is so slow that you can even see
it !!! ...       before bullshitting we must tell you that this crap was coded
by hassan, and music was composed by turtle. gfx was done by an jakgy namupala
of wizzcat.          yes! we are here at bloodsuckers party, which is a very
boring one! yak! we just payed 150 fmk for nothing. we havenHt  copied anything
Hcause there isnHt anything to copy at all. aaargh! iHam getting bored. voi aiti
venaja. miksi teit taman meille???? at the beginning of the party, there was
many guys,but they just left last night. they said that they would come today,
but i havenHt seen them yet. also guys from sweden would come today, but...ok! i
cut this crap and go home for get some sleep... yo! here is starfader of
vision!! i am at the bloodparty H90.. it was supposed to be a great party but
the two first tryes were.. well a failure anyway.. this time there is not many
people.. just a few guys sleeping.. reward of scoopex.. you should of seen him
at 4.30 or like that in the night.. he was asleep.. looking like a baby
sleeping... well no action has taken place here yet, no problem of cops or
anything like that.. but i think the first two tryes should of been tryed
better..... well my address is...    starfader   poste restante   00840 helsinki
  finland.. the time is now 10.05 am and we stayed up all night to make an intro
and to booze....... see ya later!!   signed   starfader of vision..             
hoplaa ....turtle here telling you some last the swedish people
came...badnews.. yep..mood is growing coz new guys...jehna...yesterday i bought
20 bottles of beer and i drunk only five... iHm going to booze the i start it...maybe...hmm ...jay jay wants to write something about
girls....            fuck you!! i am so god damned tired, that i almost canHt
write...but itHs my duty, so here goes something!! hmmmm... this party is
beginning to be a bit better than i expected, but i still think, that 150 fim is
way too high price for this, should i say lame, party..guys around here say
that, there is freaks from red sector and so, but they are all locked up in one
big room upstairs..big chear for Hem. great job!! ranking, eh?? ok, i think itHs
time to quit and go to sleep, because thats the best thing you can do around
here!! so, thatHs bye from jay jay of securitate!!!             and now, at the
end, securitate sends greetings to ..... quartex, vision factory, paranoimia,
paradox, phenomena, piranhas, dual crew, kefrens, adept, tarkus team, silents,
arcane (hi scot !!), prism and illusion, setrox and alcatraz, scoopex, crusaders
and all who we have forgotten ...............                           contact
securitate ....... pl 15    59101 parikkala     finland    

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