Storm - A Storm Is Coming UpDetailsCaseRow
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the fucking best                       STORMI          presents another release
!                  a storm is coming up.....                    remember STORMI
rules!                      we have only one destiny         to be the best     
                      -- use orgasm rat to control --              business
regards go to : quartex - acu - spreadpoint - supreme - scoopex - black monks -
tristar - europe - paranoimia.....                             fucks go to all
incompetend local lamers in our district!        stop talking shit about us or
you have a war!  o.k.!        STORMIA elite pirates are: waremaster - m.i.g. -
chris - elite........                       we don t must release every day
something coz we are no ugly zombies like ???? who have nothing better to do!  
                            call soon our bbs in italy and the states!    
look in our further release for the number to your dreams!            watch
out for more and more in our fight for the crime!

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