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yeah !!!   this is team-x presenting a new   @@ demo @@     credits:   logoa&
font by @ jsf @   codebby @ fizban @   and musicscby @ alf @ (try the
shift-buttons)       press caps lock to freeze scrolling and left mousebutton to
exit    jeees! at last a fresh scroll idea! (at least we have not seen anything
like this before)    out of inspiration error.    ready.    if you have too many
disks -send them to us! if you want the disks back then copy something into
them......addresses coming up:   jsf    ankkurikylank. 21 a 4---20240
turku---finland---   raist    hemmilantie 27---20210 turku---finland---or call
+358-21-309716/mika (raist)        our
to:quicksilver @ red sector @ oracle @ quartex @ the band @ avenger @ the
accumulators @ paranoimia @ vision factory @ supreme @ scoopex @ eclipse @
defjam & ccs @ trilogy @ phenomena @ dual crew @   & all the others who deserve
it......                booze time, gotta go! 

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