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x-beat      þ    presents 8 heteros coded by     phenomena    þ  music by
starfader of x-beat!!       this shit (as phenomena says) was coded & released
at  the continuation of x-beat's party at naantali..    we were thrown out of
the place.. but but but.. we came to irwin's palace to continue, and it has been
quite a nice saturday, but not the morning.. we left the partyplace on friday
evening, b-cause the guys were really really really fighting with eachother and
we left to keep ourselves alive.. what really happened is         bloodsuckers  
þ   they blew their own party by boozing, fighting and braking windows.. we
left with x-beat and phenomena to irwin's place and spent the night there.  we
went back this morning, and found cleaningwomen cleaning the place up.   arghh..
 then they came to us and we will have to pay- a lot - and we will have another
party sometime, but in a bunker.   really!!! that way no-one can kill the place
or brake glasses.. for x-beat swapping and amiga rapmusic write to:    
starfader    þposte restante  þ  00840 helsinki þ     finland     þ      
eller  irwin    þ   mesaaninkatu 17  þ     20240 turku  þ      finland    þ 
   or to   c.brown  þ    eerontie 1 a 1  þ      02180 espoo  þ      finland  
þ     or to:           megafool zados: þ     asentajank 6   þ     45130
kouvola  þ      finland       þ huh..  please stay tuned cause a lot of dudes
from our little x-beat & phenomena meeting will write..  all the important
people are here!!   first out is invid of phenomena:    bluerghh!   har kommer
en liten teckenglidare pa vart kara svenska modersmal..  jag, nr:1 och juden ar
fangade pa den finska tundran i en byhala kallad naantali..   nej men stopp och
halla....   jag tror jag glomde att borsta tanderna!!   tjena pa digare till
hendrix och allas varan favorit skeaning:   farbror tomas!!     slut i rutan   
þfuck me and zados this is irwin...   attention!  if you start a war with
phenomena then you start a war with x-beat bcos they cleaned up a half of the
party-place and always remember only 3 guys of phenis (invid, judas and uno)    
   and the rest was done by x-beat members...   okay?!  i (zados) and my
girlfriend zexmeter (katja) came to turku city railway station and waited a long
time for irwin to take us to the party....   but then came adept of accession
with two ugly guys and told us the party was cancelled bcos of fighting, boozing
and slaughting ...  i was really shocked bcos the trip to turku cost me 135
finnish marks...   no time to waste so i met irwin and axa and icebreaker of
x-mania telling me that the party was over...   a moment after that i met slayer
and reward of scoopex... and a weird hetero called macce of skidd ruw..   we
(zados, zexmeter, irwin, axa and icebreaker) went to irwin's drunkyard and
started boozing smirnoff and elysee axa and ice went back home and the rest got
more drunk...  now we are here telling you the story of our mini-party....  
judas of phenis coded this intro for 2 hours and passed out and now he is
sleeping very tighty...  and snarling in fullerection...   okay! for starfaders
request i will write the list of the human-beings being at the place at the
moment:  phenomena: uno, judas and invid   byterapers: turtle the drydraw   
x-beat: irwin, starfader, zados and zexmeter (female)  and nobody else...  we
are talking about new ideas like running logo with singing fonts... plus farting
vector-mountains ...   the time is am 4.53 on 16th of september in the year of
1990...  we are trying phenis members to join the megacool x-beat but almost
failed...   throwing a molotovs  cocktail,  zados of x-beat (the brains of
finland)                                 x-beat is back to business,       
forever     þ                                                       wrap!

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