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hey hey hey!!!   bloodsuckers is back again presenting yet another demo..    
the coding was ofcourse done by Q    the  wickedR E   W T  of the allways. so
fucking cool YbloodsuckersY.    the logo was done by    scy    R E O     W T P.
of   DbskD   R E O U        I P W T     and the font here was done by the
jungle. command long time ago....        the muzax were composed by bach and
arranged. by scy...    the text is written by the wicked of bsk and hoffi of (b)
and. s w of enpatiia..    this is the wicked fucking hoffi`s qayboard.  haista
vittu apkail. or is yer name scenic.  axion`s latest amiga demo was quite
nice...  especially. the gfx were nice `cause scenic(abigail) didn`t make`em!! 
the fuckingslist. was also great(best in the whole demo) and who was number one
in it. yes  that was the  wickedR E U I    T Q   fuck fuck scenic shit lame
BBBB. ogay  hoffi wants to screw his own spermy keyboard now......  W   ahy  ahy
 ahy. here is    hoffi   R E Y       Y U  O      P   I Y    Y  Q T    oh  no 
again.   hoffi   R E Y       Y U  O     P   I Y    Y   Q T    oh no again,
aaarrrrr. Wyeah i was two weeks ago rockstar`s mini-maxi-muna-drink party. and
there i. joined to byterappers, ooopps,erkki-vumpire is here tupping: gontact
me:  posti imee munaa  -  poste restante. - utzjoki - pellila - finland. call
358-71-074  ask for tommi imeskelee munaa.. no lamers ja munanlutkuttajia ja
eika nekruja eika muita mutiasia. or write bsk`s. new st-amiga-archimedes
swapper: postilaitos pieree verta  -  pl.013  -  90580 orivesi.  -  finland 
call 358-36-2025  ask for gay-hazzix  only under 2 days old stuff..  anyway here
is hoffi again. thanx for erkki-vumpire for writing these contact-address
(lame).. you don`t contact me, i don`t answer you if you are lamer and loser, i
need some. fresh girl-swappers, take contact me on amiga, 64, videos and
disco-mix ( under 3 days old stuff ).. you arsescaper, fuck you, i don`t code
x-men demo like you mentioned in your pack.. you liar, x-men demo was coded by
the wicked, hey the wicked says to you that press. right mouse-button if you
can. tws, nice working pal, hope you have got aids. from your g.friend anyway
let`s go drink (coca?) next holiday to grendel`s place, his. mother will like it
(like allways). see ya computer-freaks. signed by    hoffi.   R E Y      Y U  O 
    P   I Y    Y  Q  t  the ultimate commie killer. (killing with napalm). 
Whomo paska imbesiili sosilism   R U O             T assholes  .kill them
all.........  I P W ok this is the wicked best between leningrad and vladivostok
yeah..   ja nyt greetinsit.. sorry for not having a greets list:  but here are
some... metalwar of alcatraz A ibb A fdt and drm of afl A zoci joe of d.o.c A
mad monks A . northstar and fairlight A steel pulse A red sector and defjam A
and all other friends and contacts..  and then the finnish ones:  bloodsuckers
CCC  still number one in finland CCC. A byterapers (still number one in finland)
A accession (still number 19 in finland). A x-men (not good enough for ranking)
A deathstar A phalanx (still nothing). A stack (loki is not dead) A clones
(still number two in finland) A mirage. still number nolla in finland) A axion
(only hawkeye and sampoz) A probyte (elava afrikkalainen. neekeri master
blaster) A olof palme of x-beat(still alive and kicking) . ...   ok that was all
from us at this moment  this is probably the wicked`s last demo. at least for
eight months  (vitun sa-int)

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