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bloodsuckers presents new stuff!!  credits this time coding and all gfx by scy.
music by  red sector inc.         and now ... our top 15 greetings in no order
go to  alpha flight!   red sector!   defjam!   vision factory!  paranoimia!  
storm!  triad!   trilogy!   quartex!   quicksilver!   beastie boys!   the supply
team!   helicon!   spreadpoint!   sargon!           contact bs   harri tikkanen 
   jysinaho     74700 kiuruvesi     finland     for amiga and vhs swapping or
chuck d     no name     plk.018458 d     2400 lubeck 1    west germany     for
amiga stuff      or  hoffi     pl.12     70501 kuopio     finland  for amiga and
vhs swapping                      or  rawar     ari martikainen    lappettela   
 74550 porsanmaki     finland          fuck the mbutton for vhs adds

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