Bloodsuckers - Alive (Hoffidemo)DetailsCaseRow
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bloodsuckers are alive {.  hello fuckers. here is  hoffi {. of  blood {. 
suckers{. writing...  use joystick up, down, left and right to handle stars    
this time codex has coded by  hoffi {.  bloodsuckers are stronger than ever,
even members are only hoffi {.  scy  {. c.c.  {. rawar {. and the wicked {.. all
lamers are kicked out from bloodsuckers. this cool music composed by lord  chris
{. . with that music chris joined to always so fucking cool bloodsuckers. this
charset has drawn by scy and of course whole coding by hoffi. here is some
greetings to our contacts   triad , alpha flight , thorax , hagar of the supply
team , cascade france , cpu , d.o.c , ibb and digi-tech , ecs of nemesis , cff
and the gang of triangle , mutants , blaze , axenon , indy inc. , mr.thompson ,
sos , black monks , ipec elite , fashion , x-men , pure byte , team-x ,
northstar and fairlight , world of wonders , avengers , 4-dimension , inxs ,
freedom force , beastie boys , lost boys , silents , brow beat , prefrens ,
byterapers , wantom , science frontiers and all the fucking rest what i forgot
....... if ya wanna contact us then write to :   bs  {.    pl.12 {. 70501 {.
kuopio {. finland{.  if you can sell cheaply eproms and other that stuff  then
write us soon...overload copy-party was heavy. overload sucks. tws sucks
.....our nakki-news magazine will be coming sooonn, so send artickles our well
known post-box..........later

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