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Scroll Text (Lower Scroll)
this is probably the coolest vector routine around at this point of time    so
prepare your little brains for some action!!!!     for the first time in
history!! anarchy now present rubber vectors    this piece of incredible  one
frame  complex  bending  curved lines  twisting  vector routine was coded by hit
and rubberboy !!       cool music by 4 mat !!     all this nice graphic was made
by  golem  marvin and teeze !!             so now when all the introduction shit
has scrolled far to the left lets discuss some other shit!!    hepp! now comes a
question to the zine magazine!!   what is wrong with making a loader !!without!!
the operating system    hu!!   but anyway you should test our hardware loader
that loads a normal file from the dos   he he !!  i can tell you that the loader
routine is twice as fast as the routine that the os uses!!!!  maybe we should
spread it as an utilitie!!!! hmm you can see it in our next demo!!!! cause we
dont have time to include it in this micro budget intro!!  coded 2 years ago!!!!
       ok!   lets change the subject!!     hepp all cool boys!! are you thinking
about visiting the anarchy easter conference 29 mars 1991 in nykoping in sweden 
  hope so cause its going to be a mega great party  we are probably going to
release our first megaintro  that includes a music disk and a slide show plus
alot of cool demos from our hard working crew!!!! we hope that the megaintro
will be on at least 4!! disks!!!!!!! he he he!!  and a super mega hardware
loader that gives a shit about the os and erases it all out before staring its
mega fast operation!!! ofcource all coded by hit and rubberboy (not the whole
megaintro but the loader and probably an intro!!!!)   phuu!!!  hey i am so cool
i can spit ice cubes now!!!!  one little message coming up   fuck the
arabs!!!!!!!  if you want to send a mail bomb to anarchy please send your stuff
to   anarchy   ortvagen 42a   22100 mariehamn   finland  or to hit   klovergrand
4   22100 mariehamn   finland    ps coders only   fucking game freaks should not
write to this address   ho ho ho ho!!  but if you want to have a chat with me or
hit  please give us a pling on these numbers  358 28 22264 or 358 28 22441  
chipmem running out so byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scroll Text (Upper Scroll)
---------------------------------------------- release date is 5th february 1991
              if you didnt know this is a sine scroller not a sinus
scroller!!!!!    i repeat a sine ... read my lips s - i - n - e - scroller....  
ive been seeing many sinus scrollers around and all you lamers out there that
released them probably dontknow that sinus means ` kroppshala ' in swedish .....
 what do you like our vector routine ??  its not i repeat not animated cause it
would be impossible to fit all the frames into memory at once !!!!! so the
solution is a very fast vector routine that can handle about 5000-10000 points
per frame or so !!!! and a sine scroller at the same time!! but it would be very
hard to make an object with 5000-10000  points so we made a routine that bended
the lines instead!!!     sorry for the few objects but a `first in the world
release ' has to be first and that means we have to release it right now!!! ok
so far so good  so lets quit the shit (what shit!!???) byeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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