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* * * * * * * * * * *   pac-man rules, and that's just a fact you got to obey ! 
           dis is  = atomic intelligence! = _ who are presenting our new demo
called:   fl0deskum`]         #$       bubbles ?a]                and now for
the spacy effect!!!       ^         yeah! the dynamic duo of ai is back!  and
they are: the burger and milkshake!!!            first of all we would like to
say  > welcome <  to our new german division of atomic intelligence!  hi freaks
it's very nice having you in our crew...     and here he comes!  yep!  this is
the burger, trying to spread my wizdom out to all you amiga freaks beyond the
screens!   milkshake is trying to make a poem, (atleast he was a little while
ago) but he stopped when he discovered his lack of abilities in that dirrection!
  yo! this is milkshake the burger ran outta words, so i'll take over now....  
yep! this is a message to the creators of the disk-doctor virus!   ha ha ho! 
your shit-virus dosen't work on the amiga v1.3  -  suckheads ]    this scroll is
going to be very vagina!  ja den vil saa!!!            er der nogle der ved om
emil fra l0nneberg vender tilbage paa dansk tv ???  if you have some information
about that then call milkshake on  86-183090 ]        well, well, well, well,
well, well, are you well or what?   and now, this is milkshake giving the keys
to...    the burger!    sob hulk sn0ft   my summer-hollyday ends in about a week
and then i'll have to start in high-school or gymnasium (on danish)  so i can't
work so much with my amiga anymore !!!!   but ofcourse we'll still release some
demos!!!     so don't cry or sell your amiga yet! nej du skal ej! (the use of
danish language is caused by all those german scrolls - cann ihr nicht english
schreiben ?)   a little note for all programmers: if you want to make overscan
then don't make the screen tooooo wide, cause it'll make your products crash on
the amiga v1.3       a message to all the swedish people: denmark are much
better at football than you are!   ja vi er saa!  ha ha ha ha      message to
mr. zword/scc: we don't care about icehockey!!!  nej det g0r vi altsaa ikke!    
also a message to dadi of orion 5: don't even dare to call me (milkshake) and
bytheway, i don't think that you can hide your lameness by joining action
force!!!       milkshake is not perverted right now - oh shit i forgot he's a
member of the porno-division of atomic intelligence!    det er jeg bare ikke for
de har nemlig ingen porno-film (endnu ?)      and now for a commercial...    if
you wan't nice orgasms then try to order atomic intelligence's porno disks
called: for freaks only@!  the new issue 'for freaks only@ no.3 - special boobie
edition' has just been released!   you can order it using access, visa or
american express card...   please allow up to 28 days for delivery!         and
now for yet another commercial:  all sadomasochists, not only in fantasy, but
also in reality, we meet in smil-aarhus, the club that beats everything.  write
to:    postbox 198 - 8100 aarhus c - denmark  or dial:   dk+ 86-464576       ps:
it has to be mentioned that the last commercial wasen't a joke!!!  (bytheway we
don't go to places like that ourselves!!!)          commercials over!          
while the commercials were running we went eating..  (we didn't eat the burger
and we didn't drink milkshake)         but now for our (very) greetinx         ;
; ;           ... our diamond regards are reaching:     quartex (yo ampex! 
send, send, send...)   cryptoburners (hello blackstar!  thanx for the muzaque!) 
 kefrens (farao)   beastie boys (hi rene!  thanx for everything!)   the flash
team (dos)      ... and our normal greetings are going to:     acme factories  
alive   alpha flight (genesis)   amiga industries and freedom force   armada  
avenger   bamiga sector 1 dk   black monks   brainstormers   cartel   complex  
crazy   crime   crusaders   deathstar   depredators   d.i.e.d.   dolphins  
doomday team   druids   dual crew   electronic artists   e.s.a. norway   e.s.a.
uk   e.s.a. sweden   exec   gate (hi wraith!  what has happend to the blob?) 
generation x   ghostriders   hi-tech of mirage int.   horizon   imp 666   impact
inc.   ipec elite   it   italian bad boys   lazer   mechanix   new order   night
stalkers   north star and the silents   overlords   paranoimia   phanzerfaust  
phaze 101   phenomena   prologic   razor 1911   rebels   sirius cybernetics
corp.   software of sweden   team-x   t.n.s.   the rising force   threat   too
tall (hi! looking forward to see the pc-engine!)   top swap   trade    trilogy  
upfront   vision   vision factory and bencor brothers   vortex 42   wizzcat     
     ..............        wauuuuu it cant be true, can it?   yes, it's over for
sure!          surprise! ] here comes our greetinx again!            ... our
diamond regards are reaching:       just kidding!!!            we think this
scroll is over now!       so goodbye and c u l8r !

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