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and yet again the fabulous flash production welcomes you to the world of audio
sweetness  -  better known as  digital concert  and this particular one is
number 6 in the row of perfection   ............   right here at the beginning i
think it is in its place to give the credit for this superb music which by the
way lasts for 8.56  -  well our member  commando  is again the guy behind these
funky wibes so credit to him for this   ............   by the way when i am
talking of number 6 i can reveal that the music for number 7 is already complete
so therefore it can be expected pretty soon   ......    if this text later is
abroubtly ended you shouldnt be shocked  its simply because i dont know exactly
how many bytes of text i can afford   ......    quite a lot of people have asked
us if  digital concert 1  has ever been done   and yes number 1 was completed
and released  --  we had it ready for the  bamiga sector one  party in holland
in the fall of 89   but as some of you will probably know that party started out
so great and ended so fast when the cops arrived - so we never got the chance to
release it at that party  --  instead we released it when we got home and
perhaps it was never spread sufficiently  ..  number one was a selector with
several funky pieces done by our music guy  gonzo    .......    but back to this
stuff   ll you have probably noticed it lasts for 8.56 mins and if you take a
fast look down you can see how much is currently left to be heard  ..  this is
the third of long-play concerts starting with  digital concert 2    all of these
long-play concerts was coded by me -yamato- and i call them something like
long-playing-st-tunes and you can guess the reason when i tell you that this
time the tune is made up of a total of 952168 bytes of pure st-music  ofcourse
added some graphics to look at while freaking out          fuck  --  i think i
am out of bytes now  so got to go now   ......      well  flash production  will
return in a later product  so watch out for   digital concert 7   and   papyrus 
- our disk mag done together with our friends from kefrens comming up pretty
soon             yo  - - - bye              ΓΏ- - bye              

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