Released on 1992-04-18


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12 Results: Released on 1992-04-18 (Calendar View)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Addonic Crashpoint BBS Intro 2 Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P  5384a20d 2212
Awesome The Final Cut Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P Tag  2c147d63 2737
Bowdlerize Exasperate Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P  c2e680d0 8901
Cult High Density 01 Pack 1992-04-18 d Y Co  9605a1c5 266
Cult High Density 02 Pack 1992-04-18 d P Co E  3907badc 267
Netzwerk Techno Breeze Demo 1992-04-18 e Y 75a3457a 11999
Pleasure The Taste of a New Generation Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P  5936
Prologic Whopper's First Intro 1992-04-18 e Y 39205448 12859
Sanity Jesterday Musicdisk 1992-04-18 d Y P  01d6586d 6640
Shining Jack the Ripper v0.99 Utility 1992-04-18 e Y Cr  37d6ce56 10000
Shining 8 X-Copy Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P  91f5b425 6967
Submission Last Step to Insanity Demo 1992-04-18 e Y P  7415