Group: Cartel


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12 Releases: Cartel (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Cartel Ball Demo Demo 1989-03-26 e Y P Tag  45898c98 3073
Cartel Bergen Party Demo Demo 1990-07-01 e Y P  2c0385d6 9458
Cartel Bob Demo Demo 1989 e Y 1f95dabb 3074
Cartel Cooperation Demo Demo 1988-10-09 e Y P coop with The Gang c641adc8 3072
Cartel Fjords Demo 1989-06-25 e Y P  582e098c 3075
Cartel Hot Stuff 04 Pack 1989 d Co  30adcfa8 460
Cartel Hot Stuff 13 Pack 1990-07 d Y P Co  833c236f 8666
Cartel Made in Norway Demo 1989-02 e Y 74e9dc99 15741
Cartel New Goodies Intro 1989 e Y Tag  cbf6d477 15506
Cartel Plate Demo Demo 1989-03-26 e Y P  939cf0cd 3076
Cartel Seal Slaughter Demo 1989-03-26 e Y P  6baeb48f 3077
Cartel Stop the Plagyat Musicdisk 1994 d Y 01355be5 1317