Group: The Giants


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26 Releases: The Giants (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
The Giants Abominations Demo 1995-06-01 e Y A  47daf8d0 4048
The Giants Apocalypse Now Demo 1992-11-29 e Y P  20972b86 4046
The Giants Brain Damage 01 Mag 1994-11-12 e Y 54e6c6fc 4042
The Giants Brain Damage 02 Mag 1995-02-07 e 4365c66d 1449
The Giants Brain Damage 02 Intro Intro 1995-02-07 e Y 3d1f978b 4047
The Giants Brain Damage 03 Mag 1995-06-18 e Y P 1mb chip 91393855 4043
The Giants Castle Intro 1990-07-01 e Y P  62f06e09 11336
The Giants Demo/Intro Collection 07 Pack 1989 d b734ca52 666
The Giants Euphoria Demo 1991 e Y ef8aff25 4044
The Giants Fill Er Up Demo 1989 e Y ocs 50cfc54b 15378
The Giants First Demo Demo 1989-03-13 e Y 46d96938 4040
The Giants Fun and Function Demo 1989 e Y ocs ca8376f0 15379
The Giants A Little Collection Pack 1989 d f51e5201 664
The Giants Megademo Megademo 1990 d coop with Alpha Flight 5b9e3c13 665
The Giants New Cool Intro Intro 1989 e Y 3f04629f 4045
The Giants Nosferatu Demo Collection Pack 1989 d Co Tag  fe21951d 14006
The Giants Plastic Planet 01 Musicdisk 1995 e Y A  c57192e6 4050
The Giants Prime 92 Intro Intro 1992-08-01 e Y P  fc71a176 12942
The Giants Second Demo Demo 1989 e Y 44db281c 4041
The Giants TC Collection 14 Pack 1989 d Y Co  fbc54bc6 15556
The Giants Tera Tunes Musicdisk 1990-01 d Y coop with Alpha Flight 4039
The Giants Thoughts Demo 1995-06-18 e Y P A  13bc62ed 4049
The Giants Trondheim Party Demo Demo 1989-06-25 d Y P  2e66890b 14013
The Giants Vektor Demo Demo 1989 e Y 5b1f65d7 11746
The Giants We Are Huge Intro 1995-10-08 e Y P  6c06e1fb 4051
The Giants Yowzatic Sensations Demo 1989 e Y 4064eee5 14014