Group: Delight


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34 Releases: Delight (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Delight Analog Party Pack Pack 1994-07 d Y P Co ks2.0 341094ec 8670
Delight Bootmaster v2.1 Intro Intro 1991-02-23 e Y Cr Tag  65ee4144 14276
Delight Catch Em Cracktro   e Y b71ada35 1717
Delight Cool Spot +6 Trainer 1993-12-16 e Y 45ca67d5 15895
Delight Crash Dummies +10 Trainer 1994-05 e Y dd414983 13523
Delight Death or Glory HD Version Cracktro 1993 e Y e9b7ce72 1719
Delight Elfmania Cracktro 1994 e Y ba42f465 1718
Delight Explorer Trackmo 1994-07-10 d Y P A  93ecbe79 1478
Delight Freak Out Cracktro 1993 e Y b1c78b48 1712
Delight Fussball AGA Cracktro 1994-11-24 e Y 00031fcc 1709
Delight Genesia Preview Cracktro 1993-10-13 e Y Cr Tag  01b0a2b1 14314
Delight Graphist for Sale Tres Sale Demo 1994-07-10 e Y P 1mb chip 0ebe78a5 1726
Delight Guardian Heroes CD32 Cracktro 1994-10-11 e Y Tag  d416fcc6 13995
Delight Lords of the Realm German AGA Cracktro 1994-11-30 e Y ae2b5e49 16554
Delight Manic Miner Cracktro 1992 e Y aef877d5 12030
Delight Marble Rescue German Cracktro 1994 e Y bac1a135 1710
Delight More and More Intro 1993 e Y ddf1ecea 1714
Delight Mr Blobby Cracktro 1994-11-09 e Y Cr  6de94bbd 14752
Delight Necronom Preview Cracktro 1991 e Y 9ac47da2 1715
Delight Die Odyssee Cracktro   e Y 2b780650 16553
Delight Overdose Demo 1991-03-10 e Y 904d60df 1716
Delight Populous 2 Platinum Edition Cracktro 1994-10-16 e Y 4a538c8a 13996
Delight Rise of the Robots 2 Cracktro 1996 e Y 3cf3c6bd 1720
Delight Romper Stomper Cracktro 1995 e Y 5cb3016b 1721
Delight Scene-O-Phobia 01 Mag 1992-02-01 e Y be319cc1 1727
Delight Slaughter Demo 1993-03-27 d Y P  ae107885 1472
Delight Smash the Beast AGA Cracktro 1995-04-02 e Y c4bf21c5 1722
Delight Smash the Beast AGA Trainer Trainer 1995-04-02 e Y Cr  c978720a 1723
Delight Sound Theme from Ghost Battle Musicdisk 1991-06-12 e Y Tag  8ea79579 1713
Delight Springtime Cracktro 1995-05-25 e Y c42beed0 1724
Delight To Pack or not to Pack 03 Pack 1992-03-13 d Y Co  362bdbba 10165
Delight Total Carnage +9 Trainer 1994 e Y a2ea3076 1725
Delight Unlimited Pleasure Demo 1993-03 e Y 75f65574 1711
Delight Where Is Pacman Intro 1994-07-10 e Y P A  8cd71bca 9751