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9 Releases: Dominators, Upfront and Trilogy Christmas Party 1989 @ Randers, Denmark (1989-12-26 to 1989-12-30)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Arcane Filled Victor Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P  3e0bf48c 2601
Beyond Force Trilogy Party Demo Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P  d48a554d 2844
Direct Dark Castle Intro 1989-12-30 e Y P  f11887bd 1880
Fairlight Raytracing Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P Tag  aa42cd32 3837
Flash Production Digital Concert 2 Musicdisk 1989-12-30 d Y P Cr Tag  e220ffa5 95
Flash Production Hit the Road Megademo 1989-12-30 2d Y P  1c1195b6
Piranhas Technique Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P  9b7b9ce1 5904
Rebels Vectory Demo Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P Cr  f9fd25c4 6515
Triangle 3532 Memnonia Demo 1989-12-30 e Y P  8004