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50 Results (1-50 of 198): Tagged with "No Sound"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(independent) Mr Mega Mind - Intro Disk 2 Intro Intro 1988-01 e Y Tag  1ed3ea00 13899
(independent) Primacat - Loimisoftin sanomat 1 Mag 1988 d Tag  d144ccb8 17909
(unknown) Anti Agnus Intro 1991 e Y Tag  0e4b7450 14615
(unknown) Anti Azure Demo 1990 e Y Tag  ed2f9068 16901
A-Byte New Stuff Intro 1988 e Y Cr Tag  045b258d 14163
Access James Pond 3 Keypatch Trainer 1994-06 e Y Tag  e96ca2c0 13548
Accumulators Kristal Cracktro 1989 e Y Tag coop with TSK Crew 698bf3a5 14484
Accumulators New Zealand Story + Trainer 1989-07-24 e Y Cr Tag  3c4cf59b 13585
Accumulators The Real Ghostbusters Cracktro 1989-04 e Y Tag  3846972d 15025
Ackerlight Bubble Bobble Cracktro 1988-03 d Y Tag  e5322c43 13797
Ackerlight Operation Jupiter Cracktro 1988-11 e Y Tag  ead0d9b7 15130
ACU Afterburner Trainer 1990-01-25 e Y Tag  c4a73104 14960
Adept Ghosts N Goblins +5 Trainer 1990-06-01 e Y Tag  0bfbba23 14499
Advanced Chemistry Jetstrike +1 Trainer 1994-09 e Y Tag  3b7ae120 13769
Alpha Flight Vector Logo Intro 1989 e Y Tag coop with Level 4 7fce7e7f 17186
Amega Industries Lemmings +18 Import Cracktro 1991-02 e Y Tag  c246a40c 13578
Angels 9 Lives Cracktro 1990-10 e Y Cr Tag coop with Defjam 7eb3ec69 11852
Anthrox Football Glory Preview Cracktro 1994-10-19 e Y A Tag  2448079b 14472
Anxius Boot Intro Intro 1988 e Y Tag 0.5mb 012ba7d4 13888
Atomic Intelligence Fast N Cool Import Intro 1989 e Y Cr Tag 80 character mode 7e469e85 13816
Avenger Galaxy Force 2 Trainer 1989 e Y Tag  ab96d8ab 14947
Avenger Test Drive 2 Cracktro 1989-04-10 e Y Cr Tag  48239e59 16542
Bamiga Sector One Dominator Cracktro 1989 e Y Tag  497422dd 15879
Bamiga Sector One Leviathan Cracktro 1987 a Y Tag coop with The Kent Team n/a 14252
Bamiga Sector One Star Trek Cracktro 1988 e Y Tag  01205d1d 2799
Basstech Acheron BBS Intro Intro 1992 e Y Tag  2275a785 14005
Big Ones Hot Stuff Intro Intro   e Y Tag ocs 0b10de48 15134
Black Monks Airball Trainer 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  1b0f6f1b 14304
Black Monks BSS Jane Seymour Beta Cracktro 1990 e Y Txt Tag  eb102241 14185
Black Monks Day of the Viper Cracktro 1989 e Y Tag  c986eeb5 15874
Black Monks Elvira Demo Version Cracktro 1990-03 e Y Tag  4bcce446 17694
Blizzard Cogans Run Cracktro 1987-12-30 e Y Txt Tag  dbf8fc60 14203
Blizzard Detonator Cracktro 1987-12-10 e Y Tag  e174fa96 13889
Blizzard Obliterator Cracktro 1988 e Y Cr Txt Tag  d78bb3d4 13890
Bounty New Stuff Green Intro 1989 e Y Cr Tag  92ebba31 15310
Cartel New Goodies Intro 1989 e Y Tag  cbf6d477 15506
Cascade New Stuff for Venlo Intro 1988-06-18 e Y Tag  52743688 13891
The Champs Boot Intro Intro 1988 e Y Tag  816be5ed 13892
Classic Brian the Lion Cracktro 1994-03-30 e Y Cr Tag  8f81fa84 14175
Classic Dennis AGA Cracktro 1993-10-20 e Y Cr Tag  4a0c8cdf 13367
Classic Eye of the Storm Cracktro 1994-03-30 e Y Cr Tag  d09a6e03 14496
Classic Fantastic Dizzy Cracktro 1994-05-09 e Y Cr Tag  0e131dc3 11156
Classic Wonder Dog Cracktro 1993-10-26 e Y Cr Tag  8ecccf85 13369
The Company Blues Brothers Cracktro 1991-09-25 e Y Cr Tag  aecbaae8 13710
The Company Challenge Golf 100% Cracktro 1991-06 e Y Cr Tag  ced7dd06 10416
Complex Smash the Beast Intro Intro 1992-03-02 e Y Cr Tag  93754719 16499
The Connection Crash Disc 10 Intro Intro 1988-06-11 e Y Tag  a04038ae 14148
Corrupt Cyber Force Cracktro 1995 e Y Tag  3f328a61 15888
Creator Compute's Resource Disk 1 Intro Intro 1989 e Y Txt Tag ocs b3471127 13818
Crystal Chaos Engine AGA Cracktro 1993 e Y Tag  71dbd0f8 14490
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