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Scroll Text (First Part)
hoffahfaa !!!  team-x is proud to present....  you guess what !!!   we got.
couple new members from    destiny  R       T    they are called:. cosma,
fizzban, raist and alf !!!!   now push rat left button or you must. read twight
and pawn    sick    R   T  jokes !!!!  here they come.......                
.zirp!!!    hi there!! i`m here in the mr wiz`s demo, as you might see!!! .a
joke:   what is it, when there is  5000 gypsies and 7000 negros on the bottom.
of sea ?       the bloody good start!!!      a good way to cure
know the great hangover.  heart stands and body beats! .take your sock, if you
still have one, off your foot.   take a sharp stick of .wood and put it under
your toenail.   then walk to the nearest wall and give .it a good kick.   you
sure forget your headache!!   by the way it`s twight .joking and i will pass the
qboard now.   and then it`s pawn here.the time is .now about 20.04 here in
finland and it means that it`s about time for students .to wake up    time for
memory resetting in the near future -about half an hour-.       and now       
some more jokes for u lads. (and ladies)  have you ever .heard of an 94 years
old male hunk who was asked for his secrets of long life. .well, he answered sex
is it, definitely.       and when did you last time....  khrmmm  you know what i
mean.    well    it was about nineteen and fourty-five.      but that was
certainly a long time ago, wasn`t it.    .well why, it is .now only twenty
o`clock !!!!       and that was really funny wasn`t it! .we all send greetings
to kasper of bite rappers,  a paint in your arse. (have you finally found your
jacket, you tupsu-fucksey!!!) the supervisor. (the ultimate fucksey)       and
here comes mr wiz....  yo hoffi..... i. just saw `your` last intro.... did you
code it self ???? thanx for greaaat. message !!! i like it.... but you know, you
are living on stone-age..... how about your `sources` ???? are you done them
self ??? or are them made by .someone else, like your first `demo` and i`m sure
that other `intro`. is too made by someone else !!! try to learn some
dos-commands first that. you mustn`t ask `how to use startup-sequence` !!!! .and
now back to pawn and twight sick jokes........      .hi folx, itz twight again
and a goooood (?) joke:      what`s the .difference between a jude and a
santa-claus?       they go to the different .directions in the smokestack.   hi
there all internet-freax, here comes an .invitation...  get in touch with
oulubox in the university of oulu. its a .place where really happens.  the
internet address is and type .box to login. i will see you there.   
 and now may day is once again over .and we`ve got to start thinking about
studying (geez! do we really have to!) .but at least it is pawn writing the
scrolly again.  .   that`s all (twight) .oh no no it isn`t (pawn) you`ll just
have to stand for some veeery boring time .here reading this scrolly. how about
some more jokes ?         i thought so! .             we want more we want more
we want more......          ok     .here`s another for you.....         have
ever heard about a banana and green .elephant.       oh no it`s from stone-age.
i`m sure everybody has heard it. .          ok.  how about chess, pawn       (a
bad joke   reeeeally twight). .  by the way, do you actually watch the
twight-zone?      yep    every sector! .   (a good one!)               we want
more we want more we want more      .shut the window wiz. the kids are
interrupting us      want we more?  want we .more?   now that sounds better     
       and finally        after all    .the interruptings etc        are over
and here is the joke  yippee!    .what does a boy do when he feels cold?   he
rubs his hands.       what does a .girl do when she feel cold?   she lets us to
come in!    (hi all female fans! .(our address is on the telephonebook!!!)) or
ask mr wiz.   now it`s time for .some greetings           hi there!            
that`s all             .              is there still someone?       and now
greetings to: the wicked    .dr mabuse of alpha flight       kasper of
byterapers       supervisor of eva.      xyz-soft          and ikiihanille
armaturrille, gemisteille,  .gonelaisille,   huiippu  titelle   ja   
tutapaskiaisille    still going wrong. and to chemistry students in kuopio
university. bye now!!!!!!!!!!!!.      but i am not going to stop writing
yet.....   hey fellas.....  hands off.... .i have certain rights......   don`t
take my chair.....  why are you carrying .me out....    i haven`t done anything,
have i?     let`s watch twight-zone....   i am not going to that bus.....   
hey, if you are trying to push me under .that bus,  i have to refuse.....    why
that rope....    and why stones in my .pocket.....   so what, i don`t know
where`s the nearest lake..... .hey   f  e  l  l  o  w   s .  .  .  .  .     (hit
mouse left button if ya. don`t wanna read all of this .... again !!)
Scroll Text (Second Part)
yo all ya stinky dudes...M  A Yafter long period of farting,fucking and boozing.
team-x is back stronger than ever !!!Y this time we present a new demo (again).
of coz` it`s coded by Omr.wiz (coool work). Pmusic is composed by mike the
.revolution (as always) it`s called  union remix. logo is ddt`s hand work and
fonts. are done by foad... scrolltext by highlander and predatorO (who else).
now come. our version about zados birthday party on lahti which was held about 3
weeks. ago. arrangers of the party were U x-men,overload,deathstar and phalanx
!!. we started our trip from kemi to lahti. in the train we put our
ghettoblaster. on and old ladies who tried to sleep, reSally didn`t liked azid
and newbeat. (heh heh)... at last we arrived to lahtIi,time was 9.00 on the
morning and .parties started 6.00 o`clock on the evening,fuck ! we checked out
where party. place was.. ugly school ! in the Yfront of school we met our cool
friend mick. dirt / overload. he said that wAe'd better go to city before
parties starts. we. started to get really bored, but there was still one good
thing :  we hadn`t. met any fags of wizzcat yet ! so we went to pizzeria, food
was good, but .asshole waitress did`t give us anyP beer. at last it was time for
parties.... we took our stuff from station and we went to party-place ! in the
front of. school we met adept and vyvyan of accession !(vyvyan ya`are really
cool). loki of disknet and sum dudes of Yphalanx came. few minutes of waiting
arnold. and mic dirt opened doors of the sSchool and we went to in ! we find a
good. place in the corner of the Oroom. we put our team-x flag to the wall,
then. we put our ghettoblaster on and we SstarOted to boozing `golden vodka`
later on .that evening we met guys of destiny (real cool especially cosma and
suicide. (thanx for your koskenkorva). wAe continue Oour boozing with them.
vyvyan / .accession brought sum beer to us from Oshop (lappalaista tietenkin) we
started to get .really drunked and drunked ! but then iPt happened :  mr.wiz and
foad arrived !. we Ywere really happy. highlander visit the nearest toilet and.
started to puke. nice lookin`stuff came out of his mouth. . especially guys of
tronic diSdn`t like that stuff. and then pekka. tenhonen, lousy principal of
Ythat stinky school came in. predator was at. that moment on the nearest park
with cosSma boozing. highlander told me this. later :  principal started to
Ushout and everybody had to listen what he said.. he said that everybody had to
go out, b`coz of heavy boozing, destroying. scholl property and one broken Ibeer
bottSle. anyway, no one but highlander and. vyvyan were too drunked, nobody had
touched school property and that beer. bottle was broken by some citizen of
lahti who wasn`t amiga-user, so there. were no problems. everyone trieYd to
explaAin that situation was under control., but asshole principal had made his
decicion :  everybody out !!! fortunately. one of arrangers talked some sense to
principal, so he let us stay over the. night. all guys had to go one big room.
thPere were about 100 dudes. most of. the guys booze or did something with their
computers, exept one team `wizzcat`. they just sleep !!! can ya imagine, they
come to parties that they could sleep.. really idiots, we think ! later on that
night we went to lahti-city with guys. of destiny and mick dirt of overload.
city wSas dead... back to the parties.... guys of wizzcat just sleep. mr.wiz
started to code our party intro, but it never. get ready. all night we had
problems with guardians ! but 5.00 o`clock on the. morning when wizzcat sleeps.
one guOy of accession started to fight with rawar. of bloodsuckers and guardian
didn`t like thatA and he kick everybody out.. time was 6.00 o`clock! guys of
wizOzcat woke up ! we went to the railwaystation and. we started our trip back
to tornio. lot's of nice things happened in the train., like wizzcat weren`t in
the same train ! nice weekend ! big thanx to overload. and vyvyan who broke our
ghettoblaster, but weP have to say that vyvyan was. as cool boozer as we were.
hope wOe met ya again ! also big greetinx to all. party-pigs, except wizzcat,
who don`t know anything about parties ! ok, that. was all about parties...O now
comes our very high-special-mega-giga-hyper .greetz to:     S.7th heaven ,
Yac/dc , aces , acs^acu (australia) , afl , amigavision , anarchy , .anc europe
, antarktica , antrax^highspeed , ask , avenger , axenon , bad boys , .beastie
boys , black monks , black woefiet , blaze , bloodsuckers , brow beat , .bwc ,
cbb (italy) , ScomplexY , creators , critters , crusaders , ctc inc. , d.o.c ,
.daily broadcasting system , darkness , ddt , deathstar , destiny^zigag , dexion
, .digilocic , digitech^ibb , disknet/accession , dream team^subway , .e.s.a^imp
666 , ecc , electionO , exact , exceptions , fantasy , fastteam^kns crew ,
.finnish gold , flash productions , fse , game force , goffy crackings ,
headhunters (nz) , .horizon , hti (australia) , hurricane , hypnoosia , impulse
, ipec elite , it , level 1 , .level 4 , lords of conquest , magnetic fields ,
master crew , megapowers (nz) , megastars , .mirage , nemesis , norwegian light
force , overload , random access , random fashion , .rapers , ressurrecktion
(australia) , Os.o.s , sam/swap , sargon , scl^src , scoopex , starsoft ,
.tartan army^supply team , the band , the cartel , the culpritz , the
lawbreakers , .the link , the music manY , the silents^northstar , threat,thx
1138 , .tmd , trc , trf , triangle , trilogy , u-238 , uga , united ,
unitrax^atomic , vision , .vision factory^bencor bros. , w.o.w , wizzcat ,
xaY.... and all of the rest.....

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