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Scroll Text (Lower Scroll)
kreegah! this scrolly is supposed to be the greets.messy, interested?     well,
better start at once! ok, greets -and     alpha flight -new
contact. i don't like the german parts of your cj-.  amiga action -thanx for
llovely letter...-   .amilink computing -great sendings but lately it has been
coming some.oldie stuff...noo, it was a joke! keep on swapping!-    
bloodsuckers -wicked: you old little devil seem to remember me still?!-    crack
force five -what about sending some stuff again.and some faster?-     destiny
-cosma, are you skitsofrenic? you asked.brainbreaker to greet you twice?! hehe!
llovely sendings-     dexion -hi poacher! nice sendings!.keep it up the same
way!-     dsc -hope you can get more contacts. send.faster and better...-    
election -the funny looking guys, except zark!-.  expert system -ecs: marvellous
collections!-  . freedom force -fizz: keep it up!  rolex: nice sendings and
letters and calls...-     happy cracking service -are you guys.dead?-    
highspeed -your name shapes your speed...-     horizon -almost.the fastest in
sweden...-     iff -dr. awsome! nice muzax, keep making.them!-     mirage
-jukkis/captain/softy: the best of kind in finland!.tit: whoah! nice sendings
with no working disks....grrrrrrr!  rogue: you speed like a turtle!-    
onsala.sector -speed it up!-     phalanx -cable, what about some speed?-   
quest.-bug: why did you stop? if that was what you ment, ok!-     .tcmn -your
phonenumber doesn't answer!-     tdk -the funny littlebrothers of it boys!-    
the empire -no other things to.say, are so new contact that i can't
say anything yet!-     the link -ahh! you got my stuff? why not sending
some.back?!-     the rebels -brainbreaker greets ya!-     top swap -your
name.doesn't match with you!-     ttb -burning stuff!-     tuc -funny mac
sends.'only' 9 disks at a time...-     x-beat -de viili codes but who makes
your.gfx? yach! sorry, de viili!-     xa -the only german group which has been
unknown!-.  and i -awkward- suppose that it was all.    by the way, if you
can't.understand the middle scroller, it sounds like me fucking my
girlie!.-pirkko, of course!- and the last message to pirkko:   i love you, i, i can't live without you! -or is she johanna?-  also greetings to
my.honeyrabbit mari!   - oose says that honeyrabbit should be
written.honeybunny. but who cares? if it irritates him, it's alright!-    and
now to.our contact addresses:       awkward       maryntie 3b       2525o
marynummi       finland      .       or       ooze       haavurintie 6      
2525o marynummi       finland.      or       brainbreaker       raino maki      
maryntie       2525o.marynummi       finland         ok, they were there. gotta
be stopping now,.see ya!
Scroll Text (Upper Scroll)
clones are delighted to pump this intro to your eyes! at first:.this scrolltext
breaks every earlier records! this is about 5o kilobytes long. and is awfully
abnormal for normal people. so, beware us! we are the.biggest assholes in the
world! -after jukkis!- another thing: when there is pirkko or johanna or
sumthing in this.scroller, fellas talk about my girlie. but who is my girlie?
that is the.most important question. all of you must be pissed off! die in shit!
 .clones are: awkward -founder, swapper-   ooze -graph freak-  
brainbreaker.-swapper-   particle -musician, graph boy-   psycho -swapper-   
ooze and awkward were earlier.lord of spectre inc. hq finland but one dark and
stormy night awkward.suddenly started to hit his head to the table and think
-what is fully.abnormal for him-    after few minutes of banging he suddenly
started to.laugh maniacly and shouted through the cold night: i hate spectre!.  
 i?...             i am going to leave spectre and start.a new
group.   then there was long silence as if the whole world was waiting.for his
next comment. suddenly the other guys asked: but what is going to be.our name?
after some painfilled hours awkward said heavily: what about.clones? is that
good enough? but as you may guess awkward pronounced clones.somehow strangely
and then others laughed. they were thinking of something.similar pronouncing
name -and what is that?-    after pronouncing.the name correctly all were happy
for the rest of their lives, at least.since now! the music you are listening to
was composed by particle and it's.called: monsters of night.    . the graphic
area was pixeled by ooze and it was.made for the music ... so, here we are
sliding on your screen. here come addresses:           awkward      
            maryntie 3b.                  2525o marynummi                  
finland                 or.    ooze                   haavurintie 6             
     2525o.marynummi                   finland          or          brainbreaker
          raino maki                   maryntie                   2525o
marynummi.         finland          or          psycho          sasha antic     
    86 princess avenue          3171 melbourne          victoria         
australia. note that particle is uncontactable! one thing, the.greetings are in
the lower scroll. so if you want to see if is there you must read that
scroll! got it? the beginning of this.scrolltext was made with deep thought and
now comes the shittytext coz weer.getting bored of nice english! the most
important thing:    die sturmwarnung!.benutz nicht das schlauchboot! der
hubschrauber ist kaputt!    and that was it.for the german language, liked it?
oh fuck! i ,awkward, have tomorrow my.german exam and i have not read for it
yet! who cares? to more important.matters. bigail of .....   hmmmmm   .....
axion: go and fuck your mother.with your tiny dick or suck your ass! if you
cannot code, don't ask make code for you! your newest was ripped
from ass!   wicked of.bloodsuckers:  how do you like this small intro? how is
your coding going.on? greets to hoffi the ultimate box robber: where are the
d.o.c.soundtracker instrument disks? have you seen 'em? message
to.jukkis/captain/softy of mirage: how is it going there? fortunately you
have.our piccys on your wall bringing some light to your room. are you still
with.pia -or is it piia?- nice friday-nights to you both. you wanted to
greet.pirkko . well, i gave the greets her and she thanked you -but kissed
me!-.deep from her heart. she is still going wild. we will love each other for a
long, long.time. how beautiful...    i will send you some more piccys taken
before and.after the barber. you're gonna love them. mind if i am coming there
at new.year's eve to have some fun and boose? bring girls along, ok? this control to ooze for a while ....       yeah! it is ooze here,
rapping.around and sliding down the bench! ooooh, awkward fucks pirkko, ah! he
also.reads deutsch at the same time... quite a cool guy, i think! but he has the barber and doesn't look the same anymore... i liked him more while fully covered his horrible face! helloween gives rhythm to his
vicious.fucking! jukkis fucks piia -or is it.pia ?!-  who knows, who cares, who
wins?  it seems that awkward is getting.somewhat tired...  oh no, i just noticed
that they are making children in my.bed! aaaargh, get lost, asshole! whoosh,
brainbreaker just smashed his the table... but fortunately i have sum
sajp-teippi somewhere here... die.reiselustige bundesbuerger! yeah, that's what
i heard from my bed. oh, now.there is some kind of ooze dripping from pirkko's
mouth... awkward gets his.dick out from there. how clean and shining it is!  oh
yes, contact me! dont. do that, my dear hand... nooo, it still keeps shaking. i
hate it when it.does that... it propably makes me feel nervous to see awkward
running around.the room and searching for his trousers. i just hid them in the
closet!.hahahahaaaaa!   argh, my inspiration is draining off... i think it might
be.better to stop writing this shit, before you get angry and blow up
your.amiga... awkward fucks again! i give the keyboard to brainbreaker
now.....but it might happen that i return -don't kill yourselves!-         hi,
it is.brainbreaker here taking control of this slimy scroll. now ooze is from awkward and pirkko! fuck! this keyboard is so oozy.
now.fuckings to mad butcher: dont be so lame! kill yourself.     shit!
awkward.has stopped fucking. now particle goes to toilet. what's he doing in
the.toilet? i dont know?      awkward just found his trousers... jukkis/softy/captain of mirage: how it is going with piia -or is it
pia?-. aaaarghh! awkward is just grabbing the keys!         now it is my turn
to.write fucking text about ooze, who is fucking milla at school! he left peacefully this time. well, fuckings to guenther kraemer who grabs
all routines.from sarcophaser and makes some fucking cool ass-games with em! oh
no, few broken joysticks from local computershoppe and guess what he
did.with 'em? he stuck 'em up his ass! ooze is going out to drive with his
moped..he just teleported himself back from the school... well, back in
business..his moped is going fast, about 2o km/h! we just took a drag race in
the.street and he won! my moped goes about 12 km/h, fast isn't it? ooze
is.digging his ugly slimenose with his forefinger while he is going
downstairs...what is that noise? the stairs broke down? good bye, ooze!
aieieoioiuuiuaaa!.        gee, i am here again! guess who?           
oooooooooooooooooooze....about nine months have passed and awkward isn't fucking
anymore -how jukkis?-     but now there are a lot of little awkies
crawling! one just puked on my keyboard... that's enough about
awkward, i.guess... one more message to jukkis: bock auf schule?    that was
awkie....soon coming... the end! but before that there will be some words.coming
from brainbreaker -particle is still in toilet, has been there for 9.months... i
think i should check out what's happened... at least he won't to write
anything!-              there is still one thing that i ,awkward, wanna.say to
tit-boy: keep eating chocolade with your dream girlie ... and also.listen to the
sex-programs from radio, you old little devil!  that's all!.        awkward
fucks pirkko! oh yes, pirkko is our cat!  and one more.thing: awkie just got 5
from his german exam.  -4 is the worst, 1o  -is pirkko a cat? who
knows?-  well, it at least seems that...       drop off, ooze! we.don't need you
here. it is awkie again...   this scrolly text was ment to of the
shortest in the world but when i got home this evening i just.thought that i
might write just a little bit more text for this little.scroller. so now lets go
on the stories! when we got today our german exams.back, i was shocked! i got 42
points out of 8o and guess what? the number.was 5! what a fucking exam! by the
way, our teacher gave me 3 points of.mercy because i had done one part fully
wrong, but i had made it systematically. isnt that funny! i lost.fucking many
points. then after she -yes, our teacher is a woman!- so, after.she gave exams
back i tried to jump out the window but other fellows i can't do
anything so that i like. fuck my exams! to other business....              awkie
just got away. hahaa, and.once again, i'm back... and double-onceagain, guess
who? well, i think that.won't be necessary. of course it's ooze writing this
scrolly, which was be a real shortie, but... well... once again... back
in business!. in intro it might happen that you see pirkko herself!
maybe you've seen.her before... but i think you can hardly wait 'til that! awkie
will also.propably appear there in the same piccy. and i also think that ya can
easily.imagine what they are doing... and there won't be any covers preventing
you from.seeing their act! you will need no pornoslideshows anymore, i
promise!.as you may know, spectre inc. hq has quitted. so we - clones in spaces
- will.release their demos, cracks and maybe even maggys! and more intros will
also.appear there, with more shit-text, even worse than this! oh yes, spectre
inc. hq' name is duoblivion. and... well, you know... onceagain... yes, i that it would be a very wise act to contact me! i'm still the
same.oooze, but it seems that sumthin' has happened to me. there comes
no.shit-text anymore... argh, that's horrible
becauseaeiyyaaaghrrpzghtaaaa.....because ooze has left this keyboard! -hope it
lasts forever!- it's your.little awkie here... ripping ooze's text and, you
know, fucking pirkko! i.wanna greet tit-ass from mirake! suklaati-chocolate is
good, isn't it? it.even beats raider! you fucking twisted ass will be caught
some day for using.finland's post's envelopes! ooze wants to fuck your little
doggies! cable of.phalanx: when is your nextie comin'? keep on making the 'cool'
rippings!.should i write here more some bullshit? noooooo! i'll send greetings
to my.girlie! so, greets to pirkko! also greets to dd of mirace: keep on
drinking.booze and fucking your daddy! phew! now this text is much more relaxed
'cos.booze-ooze just got out to eat! let's keep a break! ahh, some bugs have
been.removed. i am happy.       o.k. that was awkie and now here is
your.favourite     hhhhmmmm...     brainbreaker. yeah that's me.. greetings to
pirkko,.awkie's...     you know who she is!   do you?    if not, you're a
real.ass!   now i'll stop. i give the oozeboard to ooooose! fuckings to
mauno.koivisto, send my disks back! you're lamer!   now ooose...      aaaaaah!
i'm.back, but... no, i'm not oooose! argh! it's spelled o-o-z-e! got it?
yep!.oh, good then. the scrolly next to this one is the most interesting one
of.these three, as you may see... and guess what does that shit mean? of's awkie fuckin' his favourite girlie pirkko! she just got an orgasm!
now.she is also happy... awkie's got an exam of geography tomorrow, but he's
not.reading yet... he's got better things to do, like sucking
pirkko's....well... i'll let that be. at least he seems to like it. i hear him
mumbling.sumthin like 'tasty...' and this time i even believe him! hmmmmm...
don't.know what to write... errr ... gotta go home... it's.almost six o'clock
and pikku kakkonen is about to start in tv! that's my.favourite proggy... gotta
goooooooooo....   ooze is gone! goooooooood!!!.here is brainbreaker again!   
what shall i write!  that's a question....well, once again awkie is fu... with
pirkko! stop awkie! come and write.something! everybody want you!     eh.... the
other asses, oh sorry, the.other guys are goin' home because they gotta go to
school tomorrow -they bed at seven o'clock!- why ya all want me to write
something text here? .am i really the only one who can write bullshit again and
again and again.....     the only guy here who fucks pirkko!     -are ya guys
pissed off!-.   ahhhhhh, a couple of bugs have been removed again....i am
happy..i just wrote that third scrolline down there -have you seen it?!-  my breaking down 'cos i got my geography exam tomorrow and i haven't read yet! -it's eleven o'clock p.m.!-   just now i'm thinking of pirkko.
gosh.i wanna her! but man's gotta take what man's gotta have... this
slimy.scroller is going to be stopped for night at this moment...see you
guys.tomorrow. good night! i'm going to bed now! this scroll
continues.tomorrow....       oh yeah! it's brainbreaker here again. now i must
write some really.serious text... so first message to styx of gng:    hey styx!
are you still.alive. if you are send my disks back!!!       that was it..well, i
must go to school now! but i will write something before i go....hhhhhmm... 
greetings to jukkis/softy/captain/mirage: how it's going with....    pia -or is
pi...-    sorry guys but i must stop now. i must go to that.fuckin' school! bye
bye everybody...               ... after 7 horrible.hours i'm back! are you
still awake? if you aren't then how can you see this.wonderfull mega-super-text
from brainbreaker? o.k. back in business!.everybody contact me! i'm bored -are
you?- awkward should come here soon.... please hurry awkward! he got some new
-new?- stuff from horizon -thanx.horizon, you save our day because we got stuff
only from you!- greetings to.everybody who like heavy music best! yeah, awkward
just came! and now he's.rapping the keys! my geography exam went good! i wrote
one and a half pages.for essay! lou gramm sings about strangers in their own
houses... and the fourth day of writing this scrolltext. you see: we eat
like normal.people, we sleep -almost?- like normal people, we study hard -except
me,.awkie!-, we swap, and even, we relax sometimes! ooze isn't here now so
he's.going to be the target now... ooze is about 183 centimeters long, he
has.short blond hair, he's computerfreax, he has glasses, his weight is about
63.kilograms -was that written right?- well, he's only fifteen years oldie
boy,.who doesn't swap, but hopes to be a swapper someday. his gfx are really
cool.stuff, as you see above... how do you think this piccy matching the
music?.ooze 'just' drew it while listening to this muzac called: lonely night. also the second best in writing english -and understanding...- 'coz
i,.awkie, am the best! -oh no, i'm not the best. who cares?- by the
way.brainbreaker, where is ooze?   b.b.: how the fuck do i know? ask
yourself!.me: ok! i just decided to tell you all out there that ooze is having a
date!. the girlie is a real bullfrog! but i doesn't matter, ooze is almost
blind.without his glasses so let him have her flesh... to better subjects: tit-boy of miraqe: keep on speaking english that cool! work hard! pee
to.ear! don't mind this asstext 'cos i'm sick of writing this one, the is the best! -i wrote it 'cos i like the fuckin' sounds!- i'd better
let.brainbreaker write sumthin' here. bye for a while...       quess who
is.back? ooooze?    no it's brainbreaker again. awkward just went to home -.he
went to eat something and fuck p...- now i'm gonna write some shitty.text from
awkward. so let's start. awkward is 16 years old guy, he is short,. about 173
centimeters long but that is enough for pirkko.-shorter than me! hahhaa!- he got
long hair -not very long but who.cares?- his weight is about 63 kilograms. awkie
got very liiitttlle moped..something about his moped: there is no brakes, no
lights, it goes.about 12 km/h. -isn't that fast?- that all about awkie. do you
know what now? it's...  er... let me see...  1o.11. and year is 1987...  
oh's 1898! pirkko sucks awkward's...      time is now 17.44 and it's
ooze's bed.time. only 15 minutes and pikku kakkonen start. yeah! it's our
favourite.program in tv -ooze can't live without it! but today he must 'coz he
got to go.bed so early. hahhaa vituttaako pikku runkkaaja  perse lima-mulkku
ooze-.  back in business...  it's your fuckin' lame little awkie here! -first
i.decide that my name is awkward and now they call me awkie...- my
little.stomach is filled with potatoes and meatloaf! time's about half seven
after.noon and i'm getting more 'n more awake... tomorrow is friday and
guess.what? i'm not gonna drink anything stronger than lemonade 'coz i
play.ize-hockey in a team and we'll go to a tournament in saturday morning.
our.first game is at eight o'clock in the morning! we gotta leave for it at
six.o'clock! helloween's muzac is good, even better than iron maiden or
def.leppard or ac/dc -ac/dc: fuck off!- or whatever you listen to!
helloween'! tomorrow we'll get our history exams back and guess who is
farting.blood? me, awkie! -oh fuck! i'm pissed off! i'm awkward!- some
shittytext.'bout brainbooze -i mean brainbreaker- : he's fifteen years old
little boy,.he has middleshort darkbrown hair, he is about 179 centimeters tall
-six.centimeters taller than me, fuck!- he is jumping with 72 kilograms
weight..well, b.b. has white fucking high moped what looks like a 125cc bike and
it.goes as fast as mine! what else can i write here? i'm sure there aren't
any.readers any longer but fuck that kind of thoughts!     again here
is.brainbreaker writing. awkward got pissed off! hey, ooze just jumped here!.he
is asshole! hahhaa! don't be unhappy ooze i was jokin' hey ooze don't.kill me
aaarrgghhhhhh!!!        fuckings to anttonen! yeah, it's it's been
a long time since i wrote last time. by the way, my deutsch teacher.
he hates me! ...and i hate him! we understand each.other quite well, you see!
awkward writes sometimes quite a shitty text.about me... at first i'm not blind!
i use my glasses about once a month....and that's not often, i think. so,
awkward, fuck yourself... no, not here!.he got away... that's better... now sum
facts about particle: his age,.height, weight and other possible variables are
not to be revealed. he.doesn't own a moped, but his bike is much faster than my
moped... and my.moped goes about 2o km/h! he doesn't use glasses, but makes
sumtimes cool.graffix -of course not as cool as mine- and really nice muzax! i
think you.can barely wait 'til our next intro... gfx will be by -who else?-
ooze,.muzax by particle and scrolly by all of us... well, maybe not particle... sometimes -sometimes? always!- quite a strange guy, and his
collections.are really hot stuff! there's just one bad thing about 'em: they
won't work!.last time -that was a long time ago- he tried to insert sarcophaser
on one.of his grrrreat collections but removed the startup-sequence which
contained. sum important code... and of course the game broke up! so he won't
be.allowed to make collections anymore...     back in the present...   
awkward.puts deodorant between his toes every morning. that's becoz he changes
his.socks about once a year! he even wears them while fuckin' pirkko.
maybe.that's why pirkko looks so relaxed... she propably faints every time,
making.awkie's work easier... but, i must admit, it's hard for everybody to
stay.conscious while seeing his face!      hmmmm... i was about to forget.... 
yeah... jack of.duobilivion: your night-sky coppers were awful for this piccy! i
think mishka.. er... much better than you. awkie wants to read what i
have written. so i think.i should give him a chance. he should be given a chance
at least once in his.lifetime -hope that won't be a long time! joke...- and now,
bye for this.time! but i will surely return!
yodlaheyyyyodlahoyyyy....aaaaaaaaaaaa! i rip.this keyboard off this machine!
noo! i won't do that ass-thing! do you know.what is my favourite word? don't
know? it's: asshole! and i'm awkie! -ya.propably knew it!- nax nax! awkie
-that's me. i'm a phreaky ass!- just broke my fingers!. i'm a schitschcho! time
is about a quarter vor acht! -19:45- rip my ass!.i'm sick! haven't slept for 14
hours! i'm sleepy! this scroll stops again.for a night! see ya tomorrow -if it
comes?-       and it came! and it's your.little favourite awkie here! i got 7,5
from our history exam! i'm fucked up!.how did i manage to do that?! never mind,
this scroll contains since this.about 21 kbytes of texxxt and we'll continue
this as you see. you might ask.yourself that why are those guys writing this
more and more? i'll tell is funny to read our own sick text and it is
great to release a this! if you're still there, you should get
something to drink!.propably beer or booze is good, how about it? argh! my amy's
power supply is.making some really nasty noises, i'll check it out! ok, i just
came here at.ooze's! i was pissed out at home! ooze has been to barber! he is
looking.very funny -hehe!- he looks like eddie! -the iron maiden man!-       
but.that reason is not good enough to prevent me from writing this scrolly!
so,.it's ooze here once again... don't you think i'm your favourite? i
allow.awkie to go back to hell -that means his home!-  brainbreaker is at
his.flat, and that's a really good thing! he won't write his long messages for
a.while. awkie throws a pen through the air and tries to catch it in
his.mouth... yup, i've been to the barber... and i feel rather
light-headed!.that's propably coz about half of hair was cutted off. oh no, this
piece of.textie is going to be a real shortie... i have to go and eat! so, i
think.awkie is going to grab the keyboard while i'm away... but won't stay
there.for a long time!          yeah! i, awkie, just grabbed the
ass-keys!.message to the wicked of bloodsuckers:   don't code any intros
anymore! fox better... hehe! sorry pals!     message to de viili of
x-beat:     argh!  no.greets to us?! you may rot in hell! keep on greeting us or
you'll!  well, back in business! -ya will get bored of this saying
but who.cares!- as ya may see it's me, awkie, or ooze typing this fuckin' text
in..we cannot nothing to it that we are the best assholes!  jhgf! that was typed
in by can see why we don't let him.write more! this ass-scroller
is no more funny, why? all my inspiration is.gone! better call pirkko to help
me.. wait a minute...          ahhhhh! she.told me to give some
special-pig-ass-greets to jukkis/captain/softy of.mirage! so message to him:   
sorry pal, but i still haven't paid you those.959 finnish marks! i'll pay 'em
soon...but in small parts, ok? keep on.writing me those fucking cool letters.
did you remember that i promised to.visit your's at new years eve? if ya didn't
you should remember this:.awkie is 2 good 2 b 4 gotten! it is almost a year
since i first time.called ya! remember that?  ok, some serious stuff: you write
or call me too.seldom, why is that? are you getting bored? or what is it with
you? -as we.all know he's hopeless in love with pia, or is it piia?- never mind!
i won't.tell anyone that she's your girlie! or what guys?  guys: 
noooooooooooo!. well, that's good!         and there are other good things
happening the most wonderful thing is that awkie just left the
keyboard for me,.oooooozzzzzzeeeeee! got it? and once again -sorry, pals-  
-that.sounded like awkie-     but, indeed i'm also losing all my great ideas to
be.written here. did i hear that right? it sounded like somebody was
saying.'good!' and i didn't like that! so i'm gonna write more!     and a
special message to.the hottest swapper ever seen! gorbatshov! mega-speed
sendings! tetris was.really cool stuff! we are just listening to accept's lp
called: russian.roulette. lame-muzax, i think. iron maiden -especially eddie-
and helloween.are the best... awkie likes eppu normaali and bon jovi! as you
know, he washes himself.about once in a year, so pirkko sucks him clean
sometimes... i just wonder.why one part of his body is cleaner than the other
parts? well, you'll ask pirkko... naw, no more ass-text is comin' up, so
i think i should.have a little break and enjoy... hope that awkie won't snap the
keyboard..     but all your worst nightmares came true! he made it to the
keyboard!.he's kicking, he's rocking, he's even listening to accept, isn't
that.awful?!  yea, it is but who cares? i'm not taking any responsibility of happening to your brains during this ass-scrolltext what is
fucking.abnormal! one of ooze's cousins just went to the balcony and is trying
to.jump down but particle is hanging in his neck and you'll may guess how
it.happens... the cousin jumps down with particle! hahhaaaaa! ahh! b.b.
just.walked in but he won't write any ass-text here! well, i will continue
then.... we are getting more and more bored of this scroller but you're not,  i am! bye!   oh shit, it's my turn to write
this.mega-mighty-lame-text. my first turn is very short because i just stop.
by.the way, i am particle. b.b. is coming over!         ...hahhaa! writing again! i think this scrolly is sick! -awkie: it is!-
message to.manu: thanx for your stuff. sorry about fuckings. awkie got bored and
now lying on the floor and with his feet lifted. ooze just went out and
i.will go too. so bye bye! awkward is just farting.      the revenge of the coming now with my paska-text. ooze is not here because he is this little house. i was just thinking that my text is boring.
awkward.wants to say something......    oh yeah! i just miss pirkko too much -or
is. my girlie johanna, they don't know! hahhahhaaaaa!- they are fucked up
'cos.they cannot fuck me up with their ass-greets to pirkko! i love my
girlie!.-is it johanna or pirkko? this is funny!-   well, to
jukkis/captain/softy of.miraqe: are you fucked up 'cos you don't know if my
girlie is johanna or.pirkko? you must be! i wanna greet pia -or is it piia?-
'cos she has a.really good taste of music! bon jovi is the best! -or what pia,
or is it.piia?- well, jukkis fucks her anyway! particle just hunts ooze around wanting his ass for fucking it deep! i'm sick! you propably knew
it.anyway! hyper-greets to tit from mirace: rip it up man! you got bloody.fucked
disks! only a quarter of them are real working ones! but who cares!.they aren't
mine! arf arf! oh i love johanna -or is it pirkko?- her tits, so big!
yeah! this amy is burning below! has anyone a fire extinguisher?.no? well, it's
not my amy! awkie is farting blood! he misses johanna! why do.i write about
myself in third person? fuck it! nobody cares! a mega grendel -even
if he doesn't ever read this!- :   how about sum again! if yes,
i'll use fox's power-cap to win you! that tie was too.irritating for me! -you
know i am better on archon, don't you?-      another.mega-message to moku of
accession:   do you like omega race games? the -b- party? i made the
hi-score! are you fucked up? eat some donitses.and drink some more afri-cola!  
this is awkie signing off...... seems that we're all sick...
especially awkie, of course! yup, it's once again. i know that you
won't enjoy reading my text, but you don't.have other chances if ya want to read
the end of this scroll... and that.won't be soon! so hang yourself or read...
i'm bored and sick and drained.and fucked and everything. it's so hard to write
understandable text. but.i'll try, coz we're reaching the edge of 3o
kilobytes... not fast, but still..we've been typing this in for a few evenings
and i'm feeling the taste of.wood in my mouth, if ya know what i mean! but just
try to hang on, pleez!.brainbreaker is off and everything is nice... awkie is
trying to sleep but.he can't. johanna sucks his dick all the time and i think it
will soon.shrink in the dampness... he will get his reumathism back! not good...
i.think he should use a lubber!       oh yes, at the point of 5 kbytes.we were
about to stop... but we didn't, and here you see what has became! i rise
my hat -well... i would if a had one!- to all of you who this long!
you're great! -of course not as great as us-    sumthin.wonderful should happen
and soon if there is going to be any readers when.we're at the point of 3o kb:s.
soon, very soon... i will press the esc-key.followed with x and return... yes,
we're using ed. -just jokin'!- and the.pressing will happen right now ----- it's
awkie again,  3o kb:s just reached about 7o.characters ago...  now we're going
for new finnish and maybe world's.monsterscrolly record -i think it's about 38
kb:s?- this text is gonna be.more and more sick all the time! we don't mind if
you puke on your amiga.after reading this awful scroll, it's normal after our
text! should i something like this:    i am little finnish boy called
awkward. that name's.because i don't wanna be caught by the software police and
post. i use fake.stamps which are covered with soap, plastic, scotch tape and
fixativ! -but i.don't use, it causes troubles!- our group is pretty new and
little: only.four members at this moment. we are doing some swapping. we would
like to.get many, many more contacts and we'd like to get more so called hot
stuff!.        but nooo!     i'm still the piggy guy here in finland! you might
ask.yourselves that is this kind of madness true? i t   i s !   we
write.everything that we are thinking of because inspiration is draining off
and.we are puking all over the place!     just came in mind:  message
to.spacelamer:      your absolut vodka was great!  it warmed my throat
just.nicely!      message to communist cowboy:    this little awkie is
your.favourite laaaardi!  can you imagine me writing this amount of scrolltext
in.a intro? i bet you can't!   you liked russian vodka, didn't you?   come
place and we'll fix a couple of bottles of it and then drink 'em down!.  that
was the messy part!   now ass-text:  ich liebe johanna!   ich liebe.pirkko!  
ich liebe die maedchen!        fuck the german language!    i.don't wanna scream
in my dreams!           jukkis:    moikka!  paas pannen.piiaa perseeseen!   ime
sen peppua.  ala ota tata scrolleria vakavasti.  taa.on sairasta.   vittu,
meitin pitaa tehda uus enkka!       this continues.with sum english jokes....
how can you get 2o amiga freax into a wolksvagen?. just throw a megademo in the
backseat!   ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah aaaaah!.  just great! that was grabbed
from finnish computermaggy called:.mikrobitti!     oh fuck!   zan-boy:  pleez,
pleez send my disks back! is.this understood!   m y  d i s k s  b a c k  ! !    
     koff 1, oh sorry,.hoffi of bloodsuckers:  i love you! haven't you been at
your for two.weeks? hehe! remember? arf arf!     nurofen is a medicine
-or is it?-.another bartigle inspiration.....    ooze's ramming up the stairs
for this.machine......      awokado wahoo yah! yup, it's ooze back and alive!
just.came from the shower... i began to think why my typing was so hard. after
a.few moments i noticed that my slimy cousins sock was dropping sum
acid-like.substance on my dear hand, which doesn't even shake anymore... well,
awkie.told you one joke, and i'll tell you another: the two tomatoes just
walked.across the road and the second was driven over by a car! guess what
the.other tomato said then? it said:               come on,
ketchup!.hahahahaaaaaahahahhaaahaaaaaaahahahaaahooowheehoephow! the best joke
ever.heard! another joke, and even better:  what makes jukkis fuck himself?
he.just looks in the mirror! ho-ha-he-huuuu!  that was just great! awkie
fucks.pirkko/johanna! he's having an acid attack in his mouth! but better
begin.from the beginning... awkie ate one day a pizza! but there was
something.wrong with it, and his stomach-liquids began going around and
around... then.suddenly the whirling ended! the liquids were comin' up! awkie
had to open.his mouth for it wasn't big enough to hold 'em... blech! they came
out....all was over as suddenly as it had begun. everyone -exept particle who
was. 'allowed' to clean the mess!- were happy once more! nice story, eh!?
you.are bored? never mind, this isn't about to end yet! got it? and now a
stop.for a night again......     and a new day's evening is true! no text in
the.morning or at noon!  it's awkie here! just going to join
brainbreaker's.yesterday's texts.... hang on!   .   yo! it's brainbreaker here
again. well, i don't have any ideas what shall.i write. so i think i will write
some asstext.-bored? i'm really bored of.this scrolltext. this is really sick-  
time is now 23:25 and i'm.really tired. it's friday. now i will write some
things what i hate.. 1. school -who doesn't hate school?-   2. ooze    3.
awkward    4. particle. 5. brainbreaker -hey! that's me! i don't hate myself.
delete that crab!.sorry that was my alter ego.-    6. police!    7. sport    8.
kalevi sorsa.  9. school again!     9.1.    1o. st owners     i think
that was.all...       before i started to write this text i was watching tv.
i.watched 6 hours alf! i think that's enough alf today! time is now 23:4o
and.only 2o minutes to midnight! what's happening when midnight
comes?.hhhmmmm...    i think i'll go to sleep then...    did you believe that?  
 you.must believe that 'coz i will go sleep then. i'm so fuckin' tired
-school's.fault-       awkward fucks ooze...      oh sorry! awkie fucks pirkko! 
 no!.i think he don't fuck anybody at now. i think he is sleeping and seeing
happy.dreams. i'm sorry if my english is poor. it's not .my fault -it's not? no,
it's my brain's fault!- i think i go to....ghjnhhghjhgjg... oh! sorry i almost
went to sleep. well, i think it's.bedtime. now? no! not yet. i think i will
write some text before i go to.sleep.           hhhhmmmm...   eh...   
zzzzzzzz... yeah! contact me! i need.more contacts! time is now 23:55. i must
write some text! i must!     hey!.don't sleep guy! wake up!     -voi vittu!
meitsi ryytyy hieman! kuka.helvetin mulkku keksi scrollyn kirjoittamisen?-   
aaaahhhhhh!!! time is now.oo:o1 and it's bedtime so be cool now! be mega-cool!
good night everybody!.brainbreaker stops now! zzzzzzzzzzzzz...  and awkie
continues! we were in.the fifth position in the tournament. and there were six
teams! i know, we.are assholes!  i also got wristache 'cos i hurt my hand
there.... but who.cares about my hand. i or brainbreaker continue this later,
ok?    .hhhhhheeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! it's assbreaker here again
breaking.everything! it's saturday and time is now 2o:11. i just came from
awkward' he joined some text together. this day is really nightmare. i
got big.headache and everything went wrong. i hate this day! -i hate mondays
too!-. now i'm gonna write something about myself! well, i only tell
important.things. let's start. i got my first computer in the year of 1983. my
first computer.was commodore 64 -it was really good machine then and it's good
computer.still!- and i didn't got diskdrive then but i bought it in 1985. i
was.happy a couple of years. but december 1987 i bought my second computer and
it.was amiga 5oo -and still is!- i also bought 1o81 monitor. i bought my.second
drive in june 1988 and printer in june 1988. after that i haven't.bought
anything important. only disks!       i think that was all about me....    hey!
time is 2o:35!    i'm getting bored -do you?-   messy to everyone:.-not to
lamers-    contact me!    my address is:     brainbreaker    maryntie   .2525o
marynummi      finland.    did you get it? i hope so. if you me phone
to       358-24-36oo95. got it? i hope so.   now comes some.stupid jokes...   1.
what do you get if you dial 666?    an australian.policeman.    2. what's
awarded to inventors of door-knockers?    a no-bell.prize.    3. what do you get
if you cross bacon with a space ship?    an.unidentified frying object.    4.
where do you get if you cross a river with.a boat?    to the other side!
aaahahahaaa!   there were all stupid jokes. those jokes.were ripped from my
english book.    now some serious text. i'm gonna.stop now because i'm gonna
watch tv. there comes great program called.'seitseman kuolemansyntia.' it's
great program! yeah! bye bye see you later.. hey! it's dickbreaker here! time is
21:34 and day is same as before.  now.some jokes again...     1. what's got six
feet and can't move?     two.yards.     2. what do you get if you cross a car
with a book?     an.autobiography.     ...there were all jokes -good!-   
message to jukkis:'s going with...      message to fox: great work!
you're best! -hah! i was.joking! or was i?-    awkie fucks pirkko!     ooze
fucks particle!     now some words.from -pimp- particle: oh shit!
.fdhgjfdijhgkdhgfuckmedeeplyiloveyouaahfuckme... that was particle...
21:47...   i think i'm gonna stop now. i hope you like this scroll and i.hope
you like me. yeah! i love you all -except some lamers...-    end of
.brainbreaker's text...and start of awkie's! as you see, we're going for it! .
for what? don't know? weer going for the world record of
this tiny piece of fox's coding.... we were first thinking of about 15.kb:s of
text but i, awkie, said that we make it or we'll not release any.intro! so,
first intro with megamonsterscrollyeuropean-world-universerecord!.pretty cool,
ha?    never mind, you can always stop reading in the beginning.what is not fun
at all!    have you ever heard iq of miraqe's musics?.haven't? gooood! you have
saved your ears from total corruption! that guy.makes muzax that he likes
himself. other mirace's guys keep telling him that.yea, music was cool! make
more of it! but guess what they think? blech!.-that was what tit and sum others
told me-     by the way, mirage just of their best swappers: fizz  
-yeah, he's really cool!-    fuck! i still write some more asstext for
this intro! the target is 5o984 bytes. exact.5o kb:s! beat us!  as you have
seen, for example, in phalanx's scroller.there was about a couple of kb:s text
like this:.kljdsfjkhdsfhgashjf   -and that is not the point of making a record,
or what.guys?!-  it seems that i still have to write more text. let's check out!
.   oh christ!  still under 4o kb:s!  in that case i'll write sum facts:  
i,.awkward, am founder of clones -in spaces- and started computing long,
long.ago with vic-2o!  -cool machine- then i bought a msx-machine  -that was
my.worst mistake!-   and at last about a year ago i bought myself an amiga a christmas present. nowadays i got about four and a half hundred of
3,5^.micro floppy disks in four disk boxes. each one hold over hundred of
disks..i swap too! so greets once again to all my contacts!  all guys say that
i.fuck pirkko and johanna but they don't know in fact!   they're pissed
off!.-no, i don't get any pussy. or do i?-   ooze is full maniac. he just had
an.accident one day. he drove down the road and almost crashed with a car!
he's.moped was like a junk! -mirror, lamp, and allkind of parts were broken-   
i.have known my group about five years. so over four years before we made
our.dreams real!  oh no no no no!    my inspiration drains!   i'll not write
any.scrolltexts in a while. my brain is fucking off!  can you imagine of 5o
kb:s.of text which is readable and is not made with our own language.  that is
a.real cool attainment, isn't it?        i.think i'll write some bytes over 5o
kb:s just in case of you fucking me!.-that was sick! it didn't mean nothing!- 
bb:  assholes! weer gonna make it!.can you beat us? noooo! awkie:   ahhh!
megahyperthanx to fox of duoblivion.for making this true!   half of this honor
belongs to you! -but not a half.of the text!-    argh! four more lines! two for
me, two for bb! finnish.computerfreaks are making it! we are nervous. cannot
write anything.sensible... it's bb's turn! bb: yeah! we are the champions!
vituttaako?.hahaaa! awkie is really nervous. he is rapping the chair. i'm
nervous too..only one more word: bye!   habahabakreeegah!  w e  m a d e  i t  !
! !   the.last and the most important thing:   greetings to my girlie! -and who
is.she?-         no, no, nooo! the end is not allowed to come yet! i
-ooze-.haven't written for a long while, but now i'm back. at first i'll tell
sum.facts about myself, as the others have already done. yep, i bought my
first.'computer' in the year of 1981, and that was the mega-mighty zx81! but
very.soon i got bored of such a shit-machine and bought a real turbo...
zx.spectrum! i had that about 6 years and learnt to program with basic,
forth.and assembler, too! we were then l.o.r.d. -i and awkie- but my name was
sam.then. we broke up a few games -cracked, that is- and did other cool well. but, in the year of 1987 i began to realize that my dear
speccy.wasn't the most powerful machine in the whole universe and my great game
was.never released... that's because i bought amiga in the december 1987...
that.was when i first tasted the real power flowing from the super-amiga! my broken really soon, as particle dropped the power-supply from
my.table... all the great amiga sounds became shit... and i couldn't get
the.amiga to the fixerman 'coz it would have been awful to lose it even for
a.short while. but, when it was fixed -in the april 1988- i was happy
once.again. we were lord of spectre inc. then -i and awkie-      yeez, i
think.that was enough about my history... we're just listening to jarre's
lp.magnetic fields... oh yes, l.o.r.d. meant 'lords of rainy day'... yup,
that.was awkie's idea...       i think you got bored of that, so i'll change
the.subject. we're slowly reaching the 5o kb zone. when that happens, we'll
be.surely joyful! my cousin isn't here anymore -sure glad, aren't ya!- and
it.has happened that awkward has changed his socks! that will save my
carpets.for a while. awkie is searching for a rope... why? he says that he
could.hang himself. that would propably be a good thing... yes, his socks
wouldn't.then touch my room's floor anymore! i wonder how much there is text least the world record zone has been left far behind.  
and.hyper-greez to jukkis of miraque: still in love with pia? -or ist das
piia?-.  well, who knows -who cares, who wins!- bb just began crying! he
didn' that...     we just looked who long this text was, and it was
about.... 42 kbytes. argh, we will never make it 'til the 5o kb's... nobody
else.wants to write, so i'll hang on. awkie didn't hang himself, but he
doesn't.fuck pirkko/johanna either. he does nothing worth telling... bartiqle
has.made sum muzax today, and there will be a muzax dizk comin' soon. but
you'll.have to wait...      oh yes, tcmn:    i tried to call you today -
13.11.-88.- but nobody answered me... after a couple of tries i got bored. yes,
i'll.send you a letter with my number on it, so ya can call me! ask sami, got
it!.   that's all about that...  now we're listening to ozzy osbourne. all
guys.are feeling sick... yes, i love your disks, kinnusen tomppa... post
just.fucked 'em, not awkie... yup, i think you should use better envelopes. it
is.a true miracle -argh, what a word!- that a few of 'em haven't yet
dropped.from the 'packet'. i say this only because i love you! no, that was
a.jokie...  particle just farted... i sure don't like that aroma!    
don't.anybody wanna write sumthin here?  no?  argh, that's a really bad
thing,.'cos i don't wanna write anything, either... so it will be the end of
my.part this time.        ahhh! you loved it?  no?  i can understand you. i.know
oose is sometimes motherfucking boring ass.....  oose tells me to stop.calling
him oose but i won't. he is oose.   by the way, it is your favourite.number one,
awkie! oose's cousin has been removed!   aaahhh!   how about.fucking up this
intro? noooo! we just decided to raise our target to 512oo.bytes what is exactly
5o kb:s!  are you trying to beat us?! no? you'! oose just ate a
toothpick! he is looking funny -a kind of ooze.dripping from his mouth-    he
also makes some funny looking faces!   he'! i'm cool! this text is cool! 
only 46oo bytes more this ass-text and.5o kb:s are reached!    we'll make the
record so fucking much better that.anybody never tries to break it!   this is
pure madness, we know!    but.somebody's gotta do it anyway!     no more
^!-marks^, please.  ok.   i.haven't use many ^-marks yet, but i'll fix that up. 
^ya like this?^    how.about that?  bartigle just throws a miniatyre car through
the air and catch it in his nose. looks that familiar? noo, it looks
like oooose!.arf arf.   ich schreibe alles moegliche hier. ich habe keine ahnung
fuer was.will ich reden. tsuess!     i like german language, you know.   oh
shit!.gotta go, there's a sport program in tv! see ya!  .hohohohohooooo!
brainbreaker is back! we are gonna make it! over 5o kb of.pure text! message to
everybody in soviet union: i wanna swap with somebody.who lives there. oose is
swappin' with   great g   from soviet union and there.comes real 'cool' stuff
like: tetris 2, stroker 5oo, lenin's adventures and.much much more 'new' stuff.
if you wanna them contact us! now some serious.bullshit! message to fox: is this
too much to you? are you bored? if you are.don't hang yourself! relax, relax.
only 5o kb text to write...     hey! fox.that was joke!  don't kill yourself! we
need you. everybody need you..-except lamers-     end of message...      it's
sunday and time is 21:10..vituttaako?! me tehdaan enkka!   hahhahhhhaaaa!!! voi
vittu! perkele! saatana! .muo alkaa ottaa paahan taa liiallinen monitorin
katsominen.      back in.good old english language...    do you wanna hear some
jokes guys?  noooooo!.  ok i'm not gonna tell any jokes to you. you're assholes!
sorry about this.text, but i must write somekind readable text to entertainment
you! aaargghh.i must write 2 kb of text and i'm only wrote 1 kb of text. shit!
i'm do you know what is green and flow's in
floor?.oooooooozzzeeeeee!!!!      haaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaahhhhaaaaa!!!!!  
stupid.joke i think. what do you think oose?       another question.   who
fucks.everyday pirkko/johanna/marja   -hey! who is marja?- ok here comes
question.again. who fucks everyday pirkko/johanna/marja?           are you
really so.stupid?     ofcourse it's our favourite little awkie assface!   
-awkie i'm.sorry about that assface! you're not assface! ooze is!-     hehhee!
what's.that little packet there. let's check it. hey, here is somekind of bomb
here and.a note. hhhhmmm... let i read it to you:    hi brainbreaker!  this is
ooze's.revenge agains you. this bomb will blow up at 21:3o! 
haaahhaaaahhaaa!!!.hah! ooze is stupid. i've got 5 minutes left to write
something to here..hahhaaa oose! you make one mistake. you left too much time to
me!      holy fuck! .    my watch was wrong! i only got 2o seconds time to live
so i'll write this.really fast!     bye bye everybody! see you in heaven or if
ooze is merciful. to me he might do restoration to me! -he is playing somekind
of rolegame.and he get's it too serious!- sorry i don't have any time left!
toivottavasti.oose tekee minuun .restorationin. sori vaan ooze! sina taidat
ottaa kaiken liian vakavasti!. that was all about brainbreaker. now he is in
heaven and hopes that ooze.will cast restoration spell to his body -only brains
was left from his body.very sad.story!-    bb: ooze! i want that you cast
restoration spell to me!    ooze:.why?    bb: oose! jukkis is here! nobody else
can stand him but awkie...     sad end to great story!      now.comes some
questions:     who is jukkis?    where is this heaven?     where.are
pirkko/johanna and all others?        answers to questions:   jukkis is. ufo, 
it's means   unbrained fuckin' object...    where is heaven?    at.this moment i
think it's in toilet... wait a moment...   aaahhh! now i'm.feeling better. 
where are those pirkko and other hhhmmmm...?      i don't.know? why ask so
stupid questions?     'vittu mun teksi meni helvettiin kun.taalla tuli
sahkokatkos!     arvatkaa vituttaakos?     totta helvetissa!.aaaarrrggghhh!!!   
  end of brainbreaker's text and almost the end of this.scroll. are you happy?  
i'm happy!   at last it's over!   see you in intro/demo!     bye bye
everybody!    signed: brainbreaker of clones -in.spaces- 13.11. 1988. time is
22:2o. the end...  end    no, not yet! the edge.of 5o kb:s is not yet reached! a
few bytes are still remaining!  it's standing on the ruins of
brainbreaker's place... fortunately his amiga.was saved from the explosion!
that's coz if it wouldn't, i couldn't write.this to the very end! yup, i also
see bb's brains lying here. but they are.broken! well, i hear him shouting
sumthin to me from the heaven. heaven!.there's got to be a mistake! bb in
heaven. i think he should be lying in the.depths of hell... at least jukkis
should be there! aaah, he -bb- asks me to.resurrect him, but... i've got other
plans! why not making him an undead?.that's a kind of restoration, too! yes,
that's what i'll do... --- after a.moment's consecration i'm ready ---  and
that's now! bb is back! but he.seems angry... well, let's see if i could do
something about that....someday! the most sorrowful moment of this scroll is
reached... i'm going to.stop writing. but maybe, just maybe, i will return
someday... end of ooze's.text was reached in 19.11.88...     but not the end of
the scroll! we are.all standing here. yes, the end is coming... we hear your
prayers of.thankfulness...   the sounds of glory are heard all around us...  the
mighty.era of this scroll is about to end... forever...but not yet! well, again. these fucking scrollines contain of 51.6 kb:s of pure
shittext!.so now we give you a chance to live few hours normally, after that
the.nightmares will follow you to anywhere you go.....  clones are signing
off... date:  december the 5th, 1988          .    c l o n e s    f o r e v e r 
! !       .

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.