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kreegah! this scrolly is supposed to be the greets.messy, interested?     well,
better start at once! ok, greets -and     alpha flight -new
contact. i don't like the german parts of your cj-.  amiga action -thanx for
llovely letter...-   .amilink computing -great sendings but lately it has been
coming some.oldie stuff...noo, it was a joke! keep on swapping!-    
bloodsuckers -wicked: you old little devil seem to remember me still?!-    crack
force five -what about sending some stuff again.and some faster?-     destiny
-cosma, are you skitsofrenic? you asked.brainbreaker to greet you twice?! hehe!
llovely sendings-     dexion -hi poacher! nice sendings!.keep it up the same
way!-     dsc -hope you can get more contacts. send.faster and better...-    
election -the funny looking guys, except zark!-.  expert system -ecs: marvellous
collections!-  . freedom force -fizz: keep it up!  rolex: nice sendings and
letters and calls...-     happy cracking service -are you guys.dead?-    
highspeed -your name shapes your speed...-     horizon -almost.the fastest in
sweden...-     iff -dr. awsome! nice muzax, keep making.them!-     mirage
-jukkis/captain/softy: the best of kind in finland!.tit: whoah! nice sendings
with no working disks....grrrrrrr!  rogue: you speed like a turtle!-    
onsala.sector -speed it up!-     phalanx -cable, what about some speed?-   
quest.-bug: why did you stop? if that was what you ment, ok!-     .tcmn -your
phonenumber doesn't answer!-     tdk -the funny littlebrothers of it boys!-    
the empire -no other things to.say, are so new contact that i can't
say anything yet!-     the link -ahh! you got my stuff? why not sending
some.back?!-     the rebels -brainbreaker greets ya!-     top swap -your
name.doesn't match with you!-     ttb -burning stuff!-     tuc -funny mac
sends.'only' 9 disks at a time...-     x-beat -de viili codes but who makes
your.gfx? yach! sorry, de viili!-     xa -the only german group which has been
unknown!-.  and i -awkward- suppose that it was all.    by the way, if you
can't.understand the middle scroller, it sounds like me fucking my
girlie!.-pirkko, of course!- and the last message to pirkko:   i love you, i, i can't live without you! -or is she johanna?-  also greetings to
my.honeyrabbit mari!   - oose says that honeyrabbit should be
written.honeybunny. but who cares? if it irritates him, it's alright!-    and
now to.our contact addresses:       awkward       maryntie 3b       2525o
marynummi       finland      .       or       ooze       haavurintie 6      
2525o marynummi       finland.      or       brainbreaker       raino maki      
maryntie       2525o.marynummi       finland         ok, they were there. gotta
be stopping now,.see ya!

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