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50 Results (1-50 of 114): Tagged with "Finnish Language"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Bloodsuckers Nakkisormi Rulez 3 Animation 1991-12 d Y Cr Tag  07011e45 1248
Accession Suomen lista 1 Chart 1992-02-16 e Y Tag coop with Byterapers & Frantic Finland f1808740 2152
Stellar Suomen lista 2 Chart 1993-05-09 d Y Cr Tag coop with Virtual Dreams 5c3137bd 7366
Stellar Suomen lista 4 Chart 1994-02-01 d Y Tag coop with Virtual Dreams dd20c51b 7368
Neutron Dance 185 Bobs Demo 1989-10 e Y Cr Tag  7d5e55a7 5351
Offworld Animated Fun Demo 1990-12 e Y Cr Txt Tag  fb1b467c 13821
Doom Another Great Demo Demo 1990 e Y Cr Txt Tag 0.5mb 1c51e858 15091
Browbeat Black N White Demo 1989-09 e Y Cr Txt Tag  897d1ee4 15348
Bloodsuckers Bloodbath in Paradise Demo 1990-08-13 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  6d3476ca 2896
X-Men Bloodsuckers Party Demo Demo 1989-11 e Y Cr Txt Tag  0ff73d22 8528
Chrome Cocobobs Demo 1990 e Y Cr Txt Tag  5313869a 3154
Damones Colors in 1289 Demo 1993-06-26 e Y Cr Tag  bc0b3c01 1595
Genocide Electric Shock Demo 1993-06 e Y Tag  cfc01a25 4017
Master Crew Elimination Joined Demo 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  0fd5b0c8 15579
Stack Filmi-Intro Demo 1988-08-14 e Y P Cr Tag ocs e1aa7a0e 9919
Complex Final Bobs Demo 1989-12 e Y Cr Txt Tag  addaab75 10026
Darkside First Demo Demo 1990 e Txt Tag  52f77d35 14113
Complex Fuck USA Demo 1991-04-29 e Y Cr Txt Tag coop with Scoopex, ocs 5b6ab180 3231
Zados Group Goodbye Demo 1990-08-13 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  5a679c2c 14576
Deathstar HAM Magic Demo 1989-06-14 a Y Cr Tag  n/a 10447
Scup Häpysatsi Demo 1991 e Y Tag  815f9800 6845
X-Men Icebreaker's Vector Demo 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  fd358ca2 8530
Parallax Laama Demo 1991-12-08 e Y Tag  b78bed9d 5745
Parallax Leather Dream Demo 1992-02-25 e Y Tag  ee4ba45c 5744
Cave MC68000 Demo Demo 1990-08-11 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  cfb3ec1e 3115
Bloodsuckers Nakkisormi Rules 2 Demo 1991-11 e Y Cr Tag  97736b03 13499
Destiny & Zigag Party Demo Demo 1989-04-09 e Y P Cr Txt Tag ocs 23c2c77b 1796
Complex Pu-240 Demo 1990-03 e Y Cr Txt Tag  cfa6d46a 3243
Omega Pyörivät sähkökoneet Demo 1991-06-21 e Y Tag  6c156c41 5561
Disknet Revenge of Sins Demo 1990-08-27 e Y Cr Txt Tag ocs 97685541 14360
Finnish Gold Sabrina Mix Demo 1988-04-08 e Y P Cr Txt Tag coop with X-Men 1c20a188 314
Bloodsuckers Sarjassamme erittäin huonoja demoja Demo 1991-07-28 e Y P Txt Tag  ffb34a9f 2897
Clones Skulli Demo 1989 e Y Txt Tag  9f8abdec 15185
Clones Spacecrafts Demo 1990-05-02 e Y Cr Txt Tag  a5bac56c 14168
Coma Sunset Demo 1991-05-08 e Y Txt Tag  a34547ef 3209
Cave Technical Problems Demo 1990 e Y Cr Txt Tag  55f52e8b 14645
Overload Third Demo Demo 1988-11 e Y Cr Txt Tag 0.5mb d3822b1f 11239
Rednex Ting man aldrig maa goere Demo 1991-11 e Y Tag needs explode.library b7bf6eba 13619
Clones Ultimate Party Demo Demo 1990-03 e Y Cr Txt Tag ocs 67065024 14171
Clones Ultimate Sine Demo Demo 1990-03 e Y Cr Tag by Nikki Corruptions 61d5de3b 14172
Unique Universal Pictures 2: License to Fill Demo 1989-11-12 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  55b84e6c 8166
Destiny & Zigag Valaistus Demo 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  bfb68fdd 13820
Deathstar Vektor Scroller Demo 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  a49cb4f8 1629
Omega Omegasteroids Game 1994-05-02 d Y Cr Txt Tag  e9a0de43 13516
Grace Another SF Intro Intro 1992-10-12 e Y Tag  ae7fa45f 16962
Bloodsuckers Another Spectre Party Release Intro 1989-11-05 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  23853eb2 2901
Vectra Arkihuolesi kaikki heitä Intro 1991-02 e Y Cr Tag  6111cdb1 8248
Rebels Assembly 1992 Info Intro 1992-03-19 e Y Cr Tag  7f37f107 6471
Bloodsuckers Banana Party Intro Intro 1990 e Y P Txt Tag coop with X-Beat b3a201c1 10235
Nikki Corruptions Banthis Intro 1990-12-06 e Y Cr Txt Tag  97d2ef04 5386
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